Mage Toil

Mage Toil
Character name:Mage Toil
Character title:Callused
Character Nation:Buya
Spouse :brady
Clan title:Laborer
Clan name:Dharma

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :46007
Mana :57040
Might :130
Grace :130
Will :130

Inventory list
Current gold : 514808
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (101)
Heavy polearmHeavy polearm
Silver talismanSilver talisman (1)
Anniversary Free Orb CouponAnniversary Free Orb Coupon
Magnetic JiPanEe XunMagnetic JiPanEe Xun
YangbantaiYangbantai (1)
Black Bobcat mountBlack Bobcat mount
Taal'yeein badgeTaal'yeein badge
Daily coinDaily coin (94)
Sonhi pipeSonhi pipe
Sute's keySute's key
Perfect obsidian braceletPerfect obsidian bracelet
Sonhi pipeSonhi pipe
Equipment restoration packageEquipment restoration package
Golden BaloomGolden Baloom
Solid Ghaleb swordSolid Ghaleb sword

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 2544193
Imperial Ministry ScrollImperial Ministry Scroll (8)
Purple potionPurple potion (1680)
Frost sabre - BONDEDFrost sabre - BONDED (1)
Traveling shoesTraveling shoes (1)
Sonhi pipeSonhi pipe (12)
Tainted staffTainted staff (1)
Star dress - BONDEDStar dress - BONDED (1)
Buyan combat dress - BONDEDBuyan combat dress - BONDED (1)
Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear (2)
Golden BaloomGolden Baloom (2)
Pink bunny headbandPink bunny headband (1)
White bunny headbandWhite bunny headband (1)
Gift of AirGift of Air (2)
Tea of KoguryoTea of Koguryo (1)
Yellow featherYellow feather (25)
Tuna wizard wandTuna wizard wand (2)
Gold wireGold wire (2)
Root liquorRoot liquor (3)
Powdered yw amberPowdered yw amber (113)
Rat meatRat meat (2475)
Sliver of luckSliver of luck (2)
Shoes of LavawalkerShoes of Lavawalker (1)
Rust goth hairRust goth hair (1)
ReShor's sealed noteReShor's sealed note (1)
Emerald fanEmerald fan (5)
Scaled leatherScaled leather (1001)
Snake meatSnake meat (464)
Fox tailFox tail (1)
Light fox furLight fox fur (16)
Jade DiamondJade Diamond (1)
Faerie lightFaerie light (1)
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (2)
Golden warm capeGolden warm cape (1)
Elven new moon bodiceElven new moon bodice (1)
Mystic JiPanEe XunMystic JiPanEe Xun (1)
Poppy wreathPoppy wreath (56)
Copper flame shieldCopper flame shield (1)
Flame TorchFlame Torch (1)
Tattered ilbon outfitTattered ilbon outfit (1)
Luxury white braceletLuxury white bracelet (1)
Plasmic substratumPlasmic substratum (1)
Old Hand drumOld Hand drum (6)
Old Steel braceletOld Steel bracelet (8)
Antique Steel braceletAntique Steel bracelet (1)
Ancient Steel braceletAncient Steel bracelet (1)
Dark amberDark amber (11)
AmberAmber (22)
Solid Moon daggerSolid Moon dagger (1)
Dark casqueDark casque (1)
Ee san surge - BONDEDEe san surge - BONDED (1)
Lime potionLime potion (14)
Fine snake meatFine snake meat (188)
LoveLove (1)
Cutlass SkullyCutlass Skully (1)
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