Il San (M) Tanuki

Il San (M) Tanuki
Character name:Il San (M) Tanuki
Character title:
Character Nation:Nagnang
Clan title:Sunjeong
Clan name:Kurimja

Equipment list
Weapon :Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear
Armor :Moon dressMoon dress
Helm :Ju jak helmetJu jak helmet
Left hand :Worn Lurid eyeWorn Lurid eye
Right hand :Worn Lurid eyeWorn Lurid eye

Inventory list
Current gold : 251180
Unearthly JiPanEe XunUnearthly JiPanEe Xun
RoseRose (2)
Bear's liverBear's liver (36)
Yellow scrollYellow scroll (188)
Yellow panther collarYellow panther collar
Root liquorRoot liquor
Efflorent salt cakeEfflorent salt cake (1)
Worn Occult sphereWorn Occult sphere
Steel daggerSteel dagger
Ern woodErn wood (5)
Old Occult sphereOld Occult sphere
Old Occult sphereOld Occult sphere
Mountain's promiseMountain's promise
Memory BlossomMemory Blossom
Artful tengriArtful tengri
** KaMing's Glorious Victory **** KaMing's Glorious Victory **
Daily coinDaily coin (13)
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (39)
Mountain ginsengMountain ginseng (1)
Dark amberDark amber (2)
Wolf swordWolf sword

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Student cap - BONDEDStudent cap - BONDED (1)
Fine snake meatFine snake meat (31)
Fox tailFox tail (1)
Frost sabre - BONDEDFrost sabre - BONDED (1)
Ginko woodGinko wood (4)
BeefBeef (157)
Sute's keySute's key (1)
Blood potionBlood potion (21)
Red fox furRed fox fur (7)
EggEgg (74)
Chicken meatChicken meat (210)
Lucky coinLucky coin (3)
GinsengGinseng (6)
BoneBone (1)
Autumn potionAutumn potion (11)
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (1)
Splendid tiger peltSplendid tiger pelt (10)
Spring gownSpring gown (1)
Spring mail dressSpring mail dress (1)
Yummy rabbit meatYummy rabbit meat (9)
Ancient potionAncient potion (12)
Red headbandRed headband (1)
Sea potionSea potion (20)
Fine rabbit meatFine rabbit meat (19)
Heaven's bellHeaven's bell (29)
Yu ryang dressYu ryang dress (2)
Female songbokFemale songbok (1)
WatermelonWatermelon (1)
Lean beefLean beef (4)
StardropStardrop (26)
Summer potionSummer potion (21)
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (3)
QuartzQuartz (4)
TopazTopaz (1)
Star helmetStar helmet (1)
Star powderStar powder (1)
Gold QipaoGold Qipao (1)
Little red mantleLittle red mantle (1)
Mountain ginsengMountain ginseng (1)
Aged wineAged wine (10)
Star skirtStar skirt (1)
Easter bunny hatEaster bunny hat (1)
Light fox furLight fox fur (1)
Key to earthKey to earth (1)
SurgeSurge (2)
Her UniformHer Uniform (1)
Tuna wizard wandTuna wizard wand (1)
PeasPeas (8)
Adorned snow garbAdorned snow garb (1)
Lime potionLime potion (4)
Unseen pumpkinUnseen pumpkin (2)
Fragile roseFragile rose (2)
WheatWheat (2)
Mages ward - BONDEDMages ward - BONDED (1)
Mining shovelMining shovel (1)
Coconut stickCoconut stick (1)
Key to heavenKey to heaven (2)
Tainted staffTainted staff (1)
Tao stoneTao stone (2)
Titanium lanceTitanium lance (1)
Basic sickleBasic sickle (1)
Spirit callerSpirit caller (1)
Dread pumpkinDread pumpkin (2)
Tiger's favorTiger's favor (1)
Sheep's favorSheep's favor (1)
Snake's favorSnake's favor (1)
Winter potionWinter potion (1)
Passion wingsPassion wings (1)
Pink wingsPink wings (1)
Ore [very high]Ore [very high] (23)
Captured trollCaptured troll (1)
Beryl heart scepterBeryl heart scepter (1)
Giveni pumpkinGiveni pumpkin (4)
Gold acornGold acorn (2)
Fox charmFox charm (8)
Hammered kallalHammered kallal (1)
Ice fanIce fan (1)
Raspberry casual hairRaspberry casual hair (1)
Wondrous steinWondrous stein (1)
Chiseled kallalChiseled kallal (1)
Desert spetumDesert spetum (1)
ElectraElectra (1)
Gaudy JangChang ChunGaudy JangChang Chun (1)
WoolWool (16)
Rat meatRat meat (10)

Born in Yuri 78, SummerBorn in Yuri 78, Summer
Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 78, Summer)Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 78, Summer)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 78, Summer)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 78, Summer)
Museum Patron (Yuri 78, Summer)Museum Patron (Yuri 78, Summer)
Freed Leviathan (Yuri 78, Summer)Freed Leviathan (Yuri 78, Summer)
Highest score in Hopper 147Highest score in Hopper 147
Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 78, Summer)Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 78, Summer)
Ming-Ken Mage since Yuri 78, SummerMing-Ken Mage since Yuri 78, Summer
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 78, Fall)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 78, Fall)
Family to the Nangen Mages (Yuri 78, Fall)Family to the Nangen Mages (Yuri 78, Fall)
Helped the Yu Ryang village (Yuri 85, Fall)Helped the Yu Ryang village (Yuri 85, Fall)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 100, Fall)Mastered the stars (Yuri 100, Fall)
Understood the moon (Yuri 101, Spring)Understood the moon (Yuri 101, Spring)
Novice alchemistNovice alchemist
Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 121, Winter)Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 121, Winter)
Participated in 6 Fox huntsParticipated in 6 Fox hunts
3 Fox hunt victories3 Fox hunt victories
2 Bloodlust victories2 Bloodlust victories
Novice farmerNovice farmer
Engaged to Gimpy (Yuri 16, Summer)Engaged to Gimpy (Yuri 16, Summer)
Participated in 4 BloodlustsParticipated in 4 Bloodlusts
Trustworthy trader, recognized by MolliTrustworthy trader, recognized by Molli
Participated in 11 Elixir WarsParticipated in 11 Elixir Wars
9 Elixir War victories9 Elixir War victories
Scared the Lag monster away 1 timesScared the Lag monster away 1 times
Fought off the Undead Pirates (Yuri 21, Fall)Fought off the Undead Pirates (Yuri 21, Fall)
Assisted Lucretius LaframboisAssisted Lucretius Laframbois
Participated in 11 CarnagesParticipated in 11 Carnages
6 Carnage victories6 Carnage victories
Won Snowball Frenzy 1 timesWon Snowball Frenzy 1 times
Attained First Mark (Yuri 31, Summer)Attained First Mark (Yuri 31, Summer)
Completed 105 minor questsCompleted 105 minor quests
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