Chung Ryong Tamra

Chung Ryong Tamra
Character name:Chung Ryong Tamra
Character Nation:Nagnang
Clan name:Covenant

Equipment list
Weapon :Crafted kallalCrafted kallal
Armor :Earth tigressEarth tigress
Shield :Steel shieldSteel shield
Helm :Combat headpieceCombat headpiece
Left hand :Lump of hamgyong jellyLump of hamgyong jelly
Right hand :Qi shardQi shard

Inventory list
Current gold : 739324
Shade DiamondShade Diamond
Devious tengriDevious tengri
Evil fire skullEvil fire skull
Worn Lurid eyeWorn Lurid eye
Night DiamondNight Diamond
Perfect obsidian braceletPerfect obsidian bracelet
Black thick gutulsBlack thick gutuls
Worn Luck amuletWorn Luck amulet
Ee Featherlight armEe Featherlight arm
Teal long skirtTeal long skirt
White tiger mountWhite tiger mount
Molten bladeMolten blade
Dark casqueDark casque
Perfect obsidian braceletPerfect obsidian bracelet
Mountain's promiseMountain's promise
Evil fire wingsEvil fire wings
Jade DiamondJade Diamond
Cohesive pasteCohesive paste (1)
Insidious DiskInsidious Disk
Xiou's enchanted stealth bandanaXiou's enchanted stealth bandana
Red soft gutulsRed soft gutuls
Searing DiamondSearing Diamond
Red thick gutulsRed thick gutuls

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Fried eggFried egg (57)
Roast chickenRoast chicken (185)
Rat meatRat meat (298)
Red featherRed feather (1)
CoconutCoconut (1)
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (4)
Horse's favorHorse's favor (1)
Moon mail dress - BONDEDMoon mail dress - BONDED (1)
Nagnang compassNagnang compass (3)
Brig KeyBrig Key (1)
Xiou's enchanted war helmetXiou's enchanted war helmet (1)
Indigo potionIndigo potion (8)
Merchant pipeMerchant pipe (47)
Dark amberDark amber (91)
MetalMetal (6)
Fine steel daggerFine steel dagger (3)
Ore [very high]Ore [very high] (8)
Fine rabbit meatFine rabbit meat (18)
Key to pondKey to pond (8)
Santa choson packageSanta choson package (1)
Lucky coinLucky coin (9)
Jaded potionJaded potion (4)
Tuna wizard wandTuna wizard wand (2)
Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear (3)
Flametongue ringFlametongue ring (1)
Dragon's liverDragon's liver (2)
DarkstoneDarkstone (2)
Jolt tridentJolt trident (1)
WheatWheat (20)
Gold oreGold ore (1)
Bekyun's setBekyun's set (1)
Clover trinketClover trinket (2)
Kitten clawKitten claw (1)
Floret PendantFloret Pendant (1)
Bones of klutzy intruderBones of klutzy intruder (2)
Crafted dk amberCrafted dk amber (1)
Bone menderBone mender (6)
Cursed bladeCursed blade (1)
Spirit callerSpirit caller (4)
Lime potionLime potion (17)
Key to heavenKey to heaven (1)
Ginko woodGinko wood (221)
Tiger meatTiger meat (5)
Hairy Goblin's PotionHairy Goblin's Potion (2)
Military forkMilitary fork (2)
StardropStardrop (26)
Powdered yw amberPowdered yw amber (1)
Holiday care packageHoliday care package (1)
Stone axeStone axe (2)
Night CambiumNight Cambium (2)
Pearl charmPearl charm (1)
TansoTanso (2)
Frozen garbFrozen garb (1)
SteelthornSteelthorn (5)
Whisper braceletWhisper bracelet (3)
Sleep arrowsSleep arrows (2)
Corrupted ringCorrupted ring (4)
Green chuba packageGreen chuba package (1)
Fine metalFine metal (12)
Pet PheasantPet Pheasant (1)
Santa hatSanta hat (1)
Shimmering FanShimmering Fan (1)
Woodberry pieWoodberry pie (1)
White atiqikWhite atiqik (1)
Jackie lanternJackie lantern (1)
Star-staffStar-staff (1)
AmbrosiaAmbrosia (1)
Gold acornGold acorn (15)
Yellow amberYellow amber (2)
Black amberBlack amber (2)
Dashae's pretty ribbonDashae's pretty ribbon (1)
Star garbStar garb (1)
Shoes of LavawalkerShoes of Lavawalker (1)
Smelting agreementSmelting agreement (1)
SetZe gown - BONDEDSetZe gown - BONDED (1)
Baji jeogoriBaji jeogori (1)
White amberWhite amber (7)
Angel Wings ScepterAngel Wings Scepter (1)
Poppy wreathPoppy wreath (7)
Worn Occult sphereWorn Occult sphere (2)
Red solid gutulsRed solid gutuls (2)
Angel's tearAngel's tear (1)
Perfect pearl braceletPerfect pearl bracelet (2)
Yellow circletYellow circlet (1)
Lump of hamgyong jellyLump of hamgyong jelly (1)
Harnessed Elemental PowerHarnessed Elemental Power (2)
Dragon's favorDragon's favor (1)
Seasons fanSeasons fan (1)
Wooden potionWooden potion (2)
Zombie basherZombie basher (1)
Flower peasant dressFlower peasant dress (1)
Platinum jubilee circletPlatinum jubilee circlet (1)
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