Champion shylla

Champion shylla
Character name:Champion shylla
Character title:
Character Nation:Koguryo
Spouse :sharktooth
Clan name:Tiger

Inventory list
Current gold : 855162
Throwing axeThrowing axe (10)
Grand amber ringGrand amber ring
Half-full dark amber bagHalf-full dark amber bag (1)
Li's Key to SuccessLi's Key to Success (1)
Cornflower kyunwoo hanbokCornflower kyunwoo hanbok
Sap counter agentSap counter agent (5)
Sack of coinsSack of coins (6)
Shore talismanShore talisman (8)
Indigo potionIndigo potion (33)
Empty amber bagEmpty amber bag (1)
Secret keySecret key
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (26)
Green amberGreen amber (11)
In memory of Jan IngramIn memory of Jan Ingram
Tiger meatTiger meat (1)
BananaBanana (24)
Bamboo stemBamboo stem (1)
Northern SparkleNorthern Sparkle
Pirate badgePirate badge
Night SparkleNight Sparkle
Harnessed Elemental PowerHarnessed Elemental Power (1)
Jolt tridentJolt trident
Seasons fanSeasons fan
Green potionGreen potion (5)
Scarlet SparkleScarlet Sparkle
YangbantaiYangbantai (1)
Aqua potionAqua potion (19)
Dark amberDark amber (34)
Heart chained emerald pendantHeart chained emerald pendant
Chocolate cakeChocolate cake (9)
Valentine chocolatesValentine chocolates (30)
Royal SparkleRoyal Sparkle
Black amberBlack amber (2)
Purple stardropPurple stardrop (7)
Sunrise fanSunrise fan
Toggle hoodyToggle hoody
Yellow stardropYellow stardrop (23)
Squirrel Corporal costumeSquirrel Corporal costume (1)
Aqua SparkleAqua Sparkle
World ShoutWorld Shout (14)
Noble shieldNoble shield
Red potionRed potion (10)
Squirrel Corporal costumeSquirrel Corporal costume (1)
Brown Winter Fox mountBrown Winter Fox mount
Ginko snap bowGinko snap bow
Floating ring of SubstratumFloating ring of Substratum
Bear BlitzBear Blitz (1)

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
AmbrosiaAmbrosia (10)
Candy boxCandy box (2)
Mythic sabreMythic sabre (2)
Enchanted spike - BONDEDEnchanted spike - BONDED (1)
Hunang's axeHunang's axe (15)
Sunset pirate outfitSunset pirate outfit (1)
Winter harbor coatWinter harbor coat (1)
Kinung skirtKinung skirt (1)
Golden BaloomGolden Baloom (3)
Angelita FanAngelita Fan (1)
Apple Blossom FanApple Blossom Fan (1)
Apple FanApple Fan (1)
Chung ryong keyChung ryong key (5)
Comet fanComet fan (1)
Duet FanDuet Fan (1)
Earthbound essenceEarthbound essence (42)
Fine metalFine metal (98)
Earth tigressEarth tigress (1)
Fine steel daggerFine steel dagger (18)
Excelsa FanExcelsa Fan (1)
Golden fanGolden fan (1)
Golden trinketGolden trinket (2)
Lovely Fairy FanLovely Fairy Fan (1)
Lucky trinketLucky trinket (2)
Military forkMilitary fork (4)
MoonbladeMoonblade (10)
Platinum jubilee gownPlatinum jubilee gown (1)
Pond fanPond fan (1)
Primavera FanPrimavera Fan (1)
Remembrance FanRemembrance Fan (1)
Santana FanSantana Fan (1)
Sea Foam FanSea Foam Fan (1)
Shimmering FanShimmering Fan (1)
Slogs ponderous clubSlogs ponderous club (10)
Teal FanTeal Fan (1)
TigressTigress (1)
Valentine bouquetValentine bouquet (2)
Valentines fanValentines fan (1)
Village Maid FanVillage Maid Fan (1)
WatermelonWatermelon (5)
White moon axeWhite moon axe (3)
Coronal susuhanCoronal susuhan (1)
SetZe gown - BONDEDSetZe gown - BONDED (1)
Lucky staffLucky staff (1)
FoxgloveFoxglove (143)
Black thick gutulsBlack thick gutuls (12)
Shoes of LavawalkerShoes of Lavawalker (1)
Coronal motchinCoronal motchin (1)
MaxcaliberMaxcaliber (13)
BelladonnaBelladonna (291)
Ginko woodGinko wood (1620)
Equipment restorationEquipment restoration (3)
Sprig jupeSprig jupe (1)
Ee san spike - BONDEDEe san spike - BONDED (2)
Nagnang compassNagnang compass (27)
Decorated anchorDecorated anchor (1)
Angel Wings ScepterAngel Wings Scepter (3)
Koguryo's gratitudeKoguryo's gratitude (1)
Plum casual hairPlum casual hair (1)
Slogs heavy clubSlogs heavy club (5)
Bulkkoch pearlsBulkkoch pearls (1)
Fancy ilbon outfitFancy ilbon outfit (1)
Bulkkoch coralsBulkkoch corals (1)
Cracked egg costumeCracked egg costume (1)
Winter marine hatWinter marine hat (1)
Saber Hide TunicSaber Hide Tunic (1)
Saber Hide CowlSaber Hide Cowl (1)
Bones of unlucky adventurerBones of unlucky adventurer (2)
Her trendy pjsHer trendy pjs (1)
Titanium shield - BONDEDTitanium shield - BONDED (1)
Mummy bow wrapMummy bow wrap (1)
Mummy pigtail wrapMummy pigtail wrap (1)
Slogs clubSlogs club (37)
Wolf's baneWolf's bane (80)
Divorce papersDivorce papers (1)
Faerie light - BONDEDFaerie light - BONDED (1)
Bulkkoch seashellsBulkkoch seashells (2)
Blue chuba hatBlue chuba hat (1)
Blue chuba gownBlue chuba gown (1)
Tan stuffed bunnyTan stuffed bunny (1)
Love Life LocksLove Life Locks (1)
Sonhi passSonhi pass (1)
Cracked egg hatCracked egg hat (1)
MetalMetal (43)
Pet DragonPet Dragon (1)
White bunny mountWhite bunny mount (1)
Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear (26)
Sa Iron handSa Iron hand (5)
Sa Overseer eyeSa Overseer eye (1)
Sun mail dress - BONDEDSun mail dress - BONDED (1)
Ruby potionRuby potion (4)
Military polearmMilitary polearm (6)
Old Lurid eyeOld Lurid eye (6)
Haunted shieldHaunted shield (1)
Worn Daemon heartWorn Daemon heart (6)
Panda robePanda robe (1)
Panda maskPanda mask (1)
Mountain's promiseMountain's promise (11)
10 year Kruna mantle10 year Kruna mantle (1)
Black 10th Kruna Anniversary BaloomBlack 10th Kruna Anniversary Baloom (1)
Empty ginko bagEmpty ginko bag (1)
Seraph pendantSeraph pendant (1)
Antique ClawAntique Claw (2)
Old Hand drumOld Hand drum (4)
Hamgyong gem fragmentsHamgyong gem fragments (14)
Grin DyeGrin Dye (4)
Wonderland mantleWonderland mantle (1)
Tigress hoodTigress hood (1)
Small plate of substratumSmall plate of substratum (1)
Old Occult sphereOld Occult sphere (3)
Worn Occult sphereWorn Occult sphere (3)
Hamgyong fishing clubHamgyong fishing club (4)
Bear's promiseBear's promise (2)
White stuffed bunnyWhite stuffed bunny (1)
Vanilla casual hairVanilla casual hair (1)
Wind plate dress - BONDEDWind plate dress - BONDED (1)
Sea Hare female earsSea Hare female ears (1)
Red featherRed feather (25)
Old Daemon heartOld Daemon heart (3)
Veracious GownVeracious Gown (1)
Fifteenth anniversary capFifteenth anniversary cap (1)
Olive earflap beanieOlive earflap beanie (1)
Golden SparkleGolden Sparkle (1)
Ore [high]Ore [high] (27)
Gold parkaGold parka (1)
Sa Flame spearSa Flame spear (1)
Floating essenceFloating essence (7)
Angry essenceAngry essence (75)
Zen shardsZen shards (7)
Forget-Me-Not GownForget-Me-Not Gown (1)
Pigtail hood warmerPigtail hood warmer (3)
Stocking warmersStocking warmers (3)
Aqua brim raffiaAqua brim raffia (1)
Blue parkaBlue parka (1)
Battle helmBattle helm (14)
Hamgyong gemHamgyong gem (1)
Red dragon headRed dragon head (1)
Red dragon bodyRed dragon body (1)
Iron statueIron statue (6)
Bulk of sandBulk of sand (15)
Crystal waterCrystal water (15)
Solid Moon daggerSolid Moon dagger (1)
Spirit's giftSpirit's gift (17)
Teal potionTeal potion (3)
Charcoal potionCharcoal potion (4)
Doppleganger pumpkinDoppleganger pumpkin (7)
Silver talismanSilver talisman (5)
Black and olive beach skirtBlack and olive beach skirt (1)
Tan parkaTan parka (1)
Moon shardMoon shard (1)
Purple rudolph packagePurple rudolph package (1)
Brown rudolph hoodBrown rudolph hood (1)
Brown rudolph female coatBrown rudolph female coat (1)
Guard pumpkinGuard pumpkin (22)
Hunter pumpkinHunter pumpkin (8)
White snowmanWhite snowman (1)
Faded red crystalFaded red crystal (1)
Faded white crystalFaded white crystal (1)
Orange crystalOrange crystal (1)
Bulkkoch abalone shellsBulkkoch abalone shells (1)
Darkbrown rudolph hoodDarkbrown rudolph hood (1)
Forest rudolph female coatForest rudolph female coat (1)
Her knit capHer knit cap (1)
Red warm capeRed warm cape (1)
Forest rudolph hoodForest rudolph hood (1)
Darkbrown rudolph female coatDarkbrown rudolph female coat (1)
Sun armor dressSun armor dress (1)
FlamefangFlamefang (1)
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