Warrior Senjuro

Warrior Senjuro
Character name:Warrior Senjuro
Character title: Do seeker
Character Nation:Buya
Clan name:Phoenix

Vital statistics
Level :97
Vita :10076
Mana :920
Might :100
Grace :100
Will :100
Equipment list
Armor :Peasant clothesPeasant clothes
Helm :Phoenix helmPhoenix helm
Left hand :AmbrosiaAmbrosia
Right hand :AmbrosiaAmbrosia

Spell list
aDragon's fury
iBuya wisdom
jFeral berserk
yWatchful eye

Inventory list
Current gold : 505535
Steel shieldSteel shield
Wony's little modulatorWony's little modulator
World ShoutWorld Shout (5)
Bear's liverBear's liver (73)
Harnessed Elemental PowerHarnessed Elemental Power (1)
Rainbow 12th Kruna cakeRainbow 12th Kruna cake
Wind platemailWind platemail
Aqua potionAqua potion (5)
Brown potionBrown potion (5)
StardropStardrop (10)
Prevaricator's minor bladePrevaricator's minor blade
Life BlossomLife Blossom
Life BlossomLife Blossom
Moon shardMoon shard (1)
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Hanfu garbHanfu garb
Life BlossomLife Blossom
Li's Key to SuccessLi's Key to Success (1)
Indigo potionIndigo potion (50)
Brown Rhino mountBrown Rhino mount
Daily coinDaily coin (42)

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Lime potionLime potion (133)
Fine weaving toolsFine weaving tools (1)
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (222)
Fox bladeFox blade (22)
Bamboo shield - BONDEDBamboo shield - BONDED (1)
Fine steel daggerFine steel dagger (2)
Titanium gloveTitanium glove (18)
Moon scale mail - BONDEDMoon scale mail - BONDED (1)
Bones of exhausted travelerBones of exhausted traveler (41)
Aqua potionAqua potion (131)
Rudolph BuddyRudolph Buddy (1)
Prevaricator's minor bladePrevaricator's minor blade (1)
Crusader's bladeCrusader's blade (1)
ElectraElectra (10)
Bones of tired travelerBones of tired traveler (19)
Covert BandCovert Band (1)
Forest DiamondForest Diamond (5)
Hairy Goblin's PotionHairy Goblin's Potion (90)
Scroll of invocationScroll of invocation (88)
Slogs clubSlogs club (1)
Tea of KoguryoTea of Koguryo (3)
Emerald fanEmerald fan (3)
Fine rabbit meatFine rabbit meat (2332)
Plain white braceletPlain white bracelet (1)
Silver arrowsSilver arrows (10)
Worn Mystic herbWorn Mystic herb (1)
Wolf peltWolf pelt (10)
Leviathan talismanLeviathan talisman (1)
Flash dustFlash dust (22)
Wooden potionWooden potion (9)
Xiou's enchanted spiritual hoodXiou's enchanted spiritual hood (2)
Golden fanGolden fan (1)
Mortar and PestleMortar and Pestle (3)
Poisoned autumn dartsPoisoned autumn darts (2)
Poisoned earth dartsPoisoned earth darts (1)
Magnolia wreathMagnolia wreath (1)
AmbrosiaAmbrosia (48)
Care PackageCare Package (1)
Dragon's liverDragon's liver (3)
Lucky coinLucky coin (65)
Lucky silver coinLucky silver coin (3)
Sea poemsSea poems (1)
Sliver of luckSliver of luck (10)
StardropStardrop (87)
Tiger's heartTiger's heart (170)
Zibong bladeZibong blade (1)
Sonhi passSonhi pass (1)
Earth tiger mailEarth tiger mail (1)
Corrupted ringCorrupted ring (2)
Xiou's enchanted war helmetXiou's enchanted war helmet (1)
Herb pipeHerb pipe (2)
Killer's knifeKiller's knife (2)
CrossbowCrossbow (1)
Electrified ScaleElectrified Scale (10)
Mountain's championMountain's champion (1)
SteelthornSteelthorn (14)
Bones of relentless seekerBones of relentless seeker (3)
Holy ringHoly ring (19)
Bones of devout seekerBones of devout seeker (6)
Leech juiceLeech juice (47)
Bear's liverBear's liver (195)
Fine sapphire braceletFine sapphire bracelet (1)
Scribe's bookScribe's book (8)
Snake meatSnake meat (420)
Star-staffStar-staff (9)
Wondrous pumpkinWondrous pumpkin (2)
Wondrous steinWondrous stein (6)
Spring potionSpring potion (76)
Sea potionSea potion (30)
Ruby potionRuby potion (28)
Tiger eyeTiger eye (14)
Thorn pumpkinThorn pumpkin (10)
Oneub pumpkinOneub pumpkin (10)
Dread pumpkinDread pumpkin (16)
Full experience envelopeFull experience envelope (1)
Whisper braceletWhisper bracelet (2)
Titanium lanceTitanium lance (1)
Light fox furLight fox fur (1)
Serpent staffSerpent staff (1)
Seraph pendantSeraph pendant (1)
Equipment restorationEquipment restoration (2)
Dance potionDance potion (1)

Born in Yuri 116, WinterBorn in Yuri 116, Winter
Completed Nangen Warrior Trial (Yuri 117, Spring)Completed Nangen Warrior Trial (Yuri 117, Spring)
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 117, Summer)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 117, Summer)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 117, Summer)Mastered the stars (Yuri 117, Summer)
Lesser alliance with the Rooster (Yuri 117, Summer)Lesser alliance with the Rooster (Yuri 117, Summer)
Tried to Trick Xiou (Yuri 118, Spring)Tried to Trick Xiou (Yuri 118, Spring)
Aided WinSong's Quest for Atonement (Yuri 118, Summer)Aided WinSong's Quest for Atonement (Yuri 118, Summer)
Restored Lasahn's Strength (Yuri 118, Summer)Restored Lasahn's Strength (Yuri 118, Summer)
Novice farmerNovice farmer
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 124, Summer)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 124, Summer)
Discovered Inner Mines (Yuri 124, Summer)Discovered Inner Mines (Yuri 124, Summer)
Tried by Air, Water, Earth and Fire (Yuri 124, Fall)Tried by Air, Water, Earth and Fire (Yuri 124, Fall)
Cheered up bored rock (Yuri 124, Fall)Cheered up bored rock (Yuri 124, Fall)
Understood the moon (Yuri 126, Summer)Understood the moon (Yuri 126, Summer)
Captured Lucky and Found the Pot of Gold (Yuri 128, Winter)Captured Lucky and Found the Pot of Gold (Yuri 128, Winter)
Discovered lost legend (Yuri 130, Summer)Discovered lost legend (Yuri 130, Summer)
Captured the wind (Yuri 130, Summer)Captured the wind (Yuri 130, Summer)
Saved 1 lives in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)Saved 1 lives in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)
Restored balance in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)Restored balance in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)
Awarded Golden Bowl of Tranquility (Yuri 8, Winter)Awarded Golden Bowl of Tranquility (Yuri 8, Winter)
Fought off the Undead Pirates (Yuri 21, Winter)Fought off the Undead Pirates (Yuri 21, Winter)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Summer)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Summer)
Accomplished minerAccomplished miner
Friend to the Mining Clan (Yuri 40, Fall)Friend to the Mining Clan (Yuri 40, Fall)
Smarter and luckier than Lucky (Yuri 40, Fall)Smarter and luckier than Lucky (Yuri 40, Fall)
Attained Spring level in Security (Marked by Baik) (Yuri 40, Winter)Attained Spring level in Security (Marked by Baik) (Yuri 40, Winter)
1 Battle scars, last honored by guide Amatus1 Battle scars, last honored by guide Amatus
Participated in 1 BloodlustsParticipated in 1 Bloodlusts
Participated in 1 Fox huntsParticipated in 1 Fox hunts
1 Fox hunt victories1 Fox hunt victories
Participated in 4 CarnagesParticipated in 4 Carnages
2 Carnage victories2 Carnage victories
Novice woodcutterNovice woodcutter
Completed 41 minor questsCompleted 41 minor quests
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