Swift Royaldragon

Swift Royaldragon
Character name:Swift Royaldragon
Character title:~Royal Assassin~
Character Nation:Nagnang
Spouse :Rikai
Clan title:Divine Majin
Clan name:Covenant

Equipment list
Armor :** Dragon Scales **** Dragon Scales **
Helm :Amber casqueAmber casque
Left hand :Old ClawOld Claw
Right hand :Old ClawOld Claw

Inventory list
Current gold : 542857
Black ghost coatBlack ghost coat
YeolHanBeunZe robeYeolHanBeunZe robe
Black haste shieldBlack haste shield
Demon capeDemon cape
YeolIlgobBeunZe robeYeolIlgobBeunZe robe
YeolAhHopBeunze robeYeolAhHopBeunze robe
YeolYeoSeoBeunZe robeYeolYeoSeoBeunZe robe
YeolYeodeolBeunZe robeYeolYeodeolBeunZe robe
Blonde high wave hairBlonde high wave hair
Black bandannaBlack bandanna
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (29)
Brown bandannaBrown bandanna
Amber bucklerAmber buckler
Black Firetail mountBlack Firetail mount
ThePeople's ValentineThePeople's Valentine
Elven new moon uniformElven new moon uniform
World ShoutWorld Shout (17)
Dark Cloud mountDark Cloud mount
Forged kallalForged kallal
** Bella's Heart **** Bella's Heart **
Molten bladeMolten blade
Smoke FurySmoke Fury (1)

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (25)
Tainted bladeTainted blade (1)
Sute's keySute's key (4)
Black warrior smockBlack warrior smock (1)
Cftd yellow amberCftd yellow amber (68)
AmberAmber (980)
Midnight's reignMidnight's reign (459)
Crafted wt amberCrafted wt amber (101)
RoseRose (222)
Traveling shoesTraveling shoes (1)
Pearl charmPearl charm (1)
Spirit callerSpirit caller (10)
Spring mantleSpring mantle (1)
Well cftd wt amberWell cftd wt amber (45)
Sleep arrowsSleep arrows (1)
Scroll of invocationScroll of invocation (6)
Well cftd yw amberWell cftd yw amber (27)
Lump of hamgyong jellyLump of hamgyong jelly (3)
Short bowShort bow (2)
Empty water jugEmpty water jug (15)
StardropStardrop (661)
Heavy buckler - BONDEDHeavy buckler - BONDED (1)
Ilbon knifeIlbon knife (1)
Powdered yw amberPowdered yw amber (147)
Purple potionPurple potion (3)
White banditoWhite bandito (1)
Heaven's bouquetHeaven's bouquet (1)
Qi shardQi shard (2)
TrunksTrunks (1)
Red headbandRed headband (1)
Blue necklaceBlue necklace (1)
White bandannaWhite bandanna (2)
Hamgyong gem fragmentsHamgyong gem fragments (23)
Bear's toothBear's tooth (1)
Plain dark braceletPlain dark bracelet (1)
Wrangler packageWrangler package (1)
Star-staffStar-staff (6)
Cadmium mantiyaCadmium mantiya (1)
Pet SkeletonPet Skeleton (1)
Pet BatPet Bat (1)
Red banditoRed bandito (1)
BloodBlood (9)
YeoDulpZe robe - BONDEDYeoDulpZe robe - BONDED (1)
YilGopZe robe - BONDEDYilGopZe robe - BONDED (1)
Key to pondKey to pond (2)
Harmonious magic fluteHarmonious magic flute (1)
Bizarre ghost coatBizarre ghost coat (1)
MetalMetal (2)
Sliver of luckSliver of luck (3)
Baronial Kagum HuanBaronial Kagum Huan (1)
Dark horned capeDark horned cape (1)
Bone menderBone mender (22)
Red panther collarRed panther collar (1)
Phoenix shardPhoenix shard (1)
Evil fire skullEvil fire skull (1)
Good eyeGood eye (1)
YulZe robe - BONDEDYulZe robe - BONDED (1)
Gray ghost coatGray ghost coat (1)
Ghostly black bangsGhostly black bangs (1)
AhHopZe robe - BONDEDAhHopZe robe - BONDED (1)
Killer's knifeKiller's knife (2)
Subtle shinobi tunicSubtle shinobi tunic (1)
MoonbladeMoonblade (5)
Hamgyong fishing clubHamgyong fishing club (3)
Pirate mapPirate map (1)
White amberWhite amber (46)
Evil fire wingsEvil fire wings (1)
Opera hat packageOpera hat package (1)
YeolDooBeunZe robe - BONDEDYeolDooBeunZe robe - BONDED (1)
Whisper braceletWhisper bracelet (1)
Bizarre witches hatBizarre witches hat (1)
PeasPeas (65)
Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear (1)
Violet potionViolet potion (6)
FlamefangFlamefang (1)
Chicken meatChicken meat (120)
EggEgg (47)
Purified waterPurified water (2)
Black cat maskBlack cat mask (1)
Black pirate coatBlack pirate coat (1)
Ebony shisho spikesEbony shisho spikes (1)
Clover trinketClover trinket (1)
Golden trinketGolden trinket (1)
YeolNeBeunZe robe - BONDEDYeolNeBeunZe robe - BONDED (1)
YeolDaseoBeunZe robe - BONDEDYeolDaseoBeunZe robe - BONDED (1)
NetZe robe - BONDEDNetZe robe - BONDED (1)
DaSutZe robe - BONDEDDaSutZe robe - BONDED (1)
Navy long coatNavy long coat (1)
Scarf coatScarf coat (1)
Blue shozoku maskBlue shozoku mask (1)
Tuna wizard eyeTuna wizard eye (1)
Wicked staffWicked staff (1)
Dragon wingsDragon wings (1)
Cursed bladeCursed blade (1)
Gold brickGold brick (2)
Red high wave hairRed high wave hair (1)
Old Daemon heartOld Daemon heart (1)
Black amberBlack amber (3)
Tiny fishTiny fish (11)
Orange board shortsOrange board shorts (1)
Slogs ponderous clubSlogs ponderous club (1)
Scrawny fishScrawny fish (8)
Scroll of mortalityScroll of mortality (1)
Black Rhino mountBlack Rhino mount (1)
Iron statueIron statue (1)
Fox bladeFox blade (1)
Nagnag saberNagnag saber (1)
Daily coinDaily coin (2)
Devil FistDevil Fist (1)

Born before the Great Shift (Yuri 23, Fall)Born before the Great Shift (Yuri 23, Fall)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 25, Spring)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 25, Spring)
1 Elixir War victories1 Elixir War victories
Specialized in GemcuttingSpecialized in Gemcutting
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 29, Spring)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 29, Spring)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri 30, Winter)Attained totem mastery (Yuri 30, Winter)
Participated in 2 Elixir WarsParticipated in 2 Elixir Wars
Museum Contributor (Yuri 31, Summer)Museum Contributor (Yuri 31, Summer)
1 Fox hunt victories1 Fox hunt victories
2 Year Anniversary2 Year Anniversary
Devoted to Kwi-Sin in Yuri 39, SpringDevoted to Kwi-Sin in Yuri 39, Spring
Kwi-Sin Rogue since Yuri 39, SpringKwi-Sin Rogue since Yuri 39, Spring
Has received 1 I Ching readings (Yuri 41, Fall, SSaturn)Has received 1 I Ching readings (Yuri 41, Fall, SSaturn)
Entered Nyogh's arctic hideout (Yuri 43, Spring)Entered Nyogh's arctic hideout (Yuri 43, Spring)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 43, Spring)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 43, Spring)
3 Year Anniversary3 Year Anniversary
Witnessed the rebuilding of the cities (Yuri 46, Fall)Witnessed the rebuilding of the cities (Yuri 46, Fall)
5 Year Anniversary5 Year Anniversary
Attained First Mark (Yuri 59, Winter)Attained First Mark (Yuri 59, Winter)
Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri 64, Fall)Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri 64, Fall)
Entered the hidden garden (Yuri 65, Winter)Entered the hidden garden (Yuri 65, Winter)
Saved the hidden gardenSaved the hidden garden
7 Year Anniversary7 Year Anniversary
Forged a crown for King Yuri (Yuri 75, Spring)Forged a crown for King Yuri (Yuri 75, Spring)
Master carpenterMaster carpenter
Attained Second Mark (Yuri 76, Spring)Attained Second Mark (Yuri 76, Spring)
12 Carnage victories12 Carnage victories
Participated in 5 Fox huntsParticipated in 5 Fox hunts
Captured Lucky and Found the Pot of Gold (Yuri 120, Fall)Captured Lucky and Found the Pot of Gold (Yuri 120, Fall)
Participated in 2 BloodlustsParticipated in 2 Bloodlusts
Participated in 27 CarnagesParticipated in 27 Carnages
13 Year Anniversary13 Year Anniversary
Witnessed a ritual of Divinity, by AurorineWitnessed a ritual of Divinity, by Aurorine
Needs to work on relationshipsNeeds to work on relationships
Experienced the Ba Gua 1 times, assisted by Naamah (Yuri 129, Fall)Experienced the Ba Gua 1 times, assisted by Naamah (Yuri 129, Fall)
Attended 2 tutor classes, last witnessed by HobartAttended 2 tutor classes, last witnessed by Hobart
15 Year Anniversary15 Year Anniversary
Engaged to Rikai (Yuri 4, Spring)Engaged to Rikai (Yuri 4, Spring)
Married to Rikai (Yuri 4, Summer)Married to Rikai (Yuri 4, Summer)
Won 1 clan events (Yuri 4, Summer)Won 1 clan events (Yuri 4, Summer)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Fall)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Fall)
Participated in 6 clan events (Yuri 4, Fall)Participated in 6 clan events (Yuri 4, Fall)
Legendary gemcutterLegendary gemcutter
Attained Spring level in Archery (Marked by Halisstra) (Yuri 7, Spring)Attained Spring level in Archery (Marked by Halisstra) (Yuri 7, Spring)
Discovered the end of the rainbow (Yuri 8, Fall)Discovered the end of the rainbow (Yuri 8, Fall)
Stole Golden Bowl of Tranquility (Yuri 8, Winter)Stole Golden Bowl of Tranquility (Yuri 8, Winter)
Solved an unsolvable riddle! (Yuri 9, Summer)Solved an unsolvable riddle! (Yuri 9, Summer)
16 Year Anniversary16 Year Anniversary
Assisted Lucretius LaframboisAssisted Lucretius Laframbois
Fought off the Undead Pirates (Yuri 21, Fall)Fought off the Undead Pirates (Yuri 21, Fall)
Talented fishermanTalented fisherman
Completed 70 minor questsCompleted 70 minor quests
19 Year Anniversary19 Year Anniversary
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