Catastrophe RainOfFire

Catastrophe RainOfFire
Character name:Catastrophe RainOfFire
Character Nation:Buya

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :426576
Mana :661101
Might :127
Grace :127
Will :147
Equipment list
Weapon :Sa Sulfurule scepterSa Sulfurule scepter
Armor :Enscorcelled RobeEnscorcelled Robe
Helm :Hyun moo casqueHyun moo casque
Left hand :Antique Magus scrollAntique Magus scroll
Right hand :Antique Magus scrollAntique Magus scroll

Spell list
aLaughter of Sagu
cVolcanic blast
dRelease binds
eThicken skin
fProtect soul
gIncantation of Chains
hDeaths curse
iDark veil
jSpirits power
mSages wisdom
nCurse of the void
oConsume soul
pCure illness
qSweet musings
rJu jak evocation
sSpirit leech
tDeaths awakening
vRelease curse
wVoids touch
xSymphony of Destruction
yDeaths door
zFestival of souls
AThrow axe
BDeath scream
CSpirit heal
DDeath denied
EDeaths face
GSoul Shackles
HSpirit leash

Inventory list
Current gold : 4688827
Fragile Orb of Sul SlashFragile Orb of Sul Slash
Fragile Orb of Mage InvokeFragile Orb of Mage Invoke
Harnessed Elemental PowerHarnessed Elemental Power (1)
Masters wardMasters ward
Magnificent etched scepterMagnificent etched scepter
Bizarre ghost coatBizarre ghost coat
Black Dragon PackageBlack Dragon Package
SetZe robeSetZe robe
Santa choson packageSanta choson package
Armored horse saddleArmored horse saddle
Staff of the elementsStaff of the elements
Rice wineRice wine
Yellow scrollYellow scroll (112)
Pearl charmPearl charm
Dark amberDark amber (5)
AmberAmber (2)
Iron swordIron sword
Key to thunderKey to thunder
Rice wineRice wine
Moonlight Cloud mountMoonlight Cloud mount

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Poet whipPoet whip (1)
Blood tiger mailBlood tiger mail (1)
Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear (3)
Sea poemsSea poems (1)
WatermelonWatermelon (4)
Silver tree branchSilver tree branch (7)
Split head arrowsSplit head arrows (1)
Enchanted charmEnchanted charm (1)
Ice sabreIce sabre (2)
StardropStardrop (7)
Rock pickRock pick (1)
Summer potionSummer potion (70)
Sea potionSea potion (13)
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (3)
Iron statueIron statue (4)
Ore [very high]Ore [very high] (5)
Star helmetStar helmet (1)
Lucky coinLucky coin (1)
Long sheathLong sheath (1)
Ancient potionAncient potion (11)
Sap plant roughageSap plant roughage (14)
Small plate of substratumSmall plate of substratum (3)
Spirit callerSpirit caller (1)
Bloodstained quillBloodstained quill (2)
Ruby potionRuby potion (44)
Earth potionEarth potion (11)
Fine weaving toolsFine weaving tools (1)
Gold brickGold brick (3)
Woods Savage pumpkinWoods Savage pumpkin (2)
Flame Whisp pumpkinFlame Whisp pumpkin (5)
Witch pumpkinWitch pumpkin (5)
Broken modulatorBroken modulator (11)
Dread pumpkinDread pumpkin (4)
Hunter pumpkinHunter pumpkin (1)
Bone menderBone mender (1)
Fists pumpkinFists pumpkin (1)
Sute's keySute's key (2)
Shoes of LavawalkerShoes of Lavawalker (1)
Alt Borrowed keyAlt Borrowed key (1)
Haunted Death's headHaunted Death's head (1)
RopeRope (1)
Empty water skinEmpty water skin (23)
Sea ringSea ring (3)
Fox charmFox charm (1)
Tasty fishTasty fish (5)
Magic dustMagic dust (5)
Whisper braceletWhisper bracelet (4)
AmbrosiaAmbrosia (11)
Blood potionBlood potion (7)
Mountain ginsengMountain ginseng (4)
Green potionGreen potion (3)
Sonhi passSonhi pass (1)
Fresh moldFresh mold (10)
Mepmep wineMepmep wine (3)
Giveni pumpkinGiveni pumpkin (9)
Lime star wingsLime star wings (1)
Noble tagNoble tag (1)
Wony's funny boneWony's funny bone (1)
Baji jeogoriBaji jeogori (1)
Red powerful gutulsRed powerful gutuls (2)
Lucky silver coinLucky silver coin (1)
Panda robePanda robe (1)
Panda maskPanda mask (1)
Blue 10th Kruna Anniversary BaloomBlue 10th Kruna Anniversary Baloom (1)
10 year Kruna mantle10 year Kruna mantle (1)
WheatWheat (13)
Kapur seedlingKapur seedling (1)
ClothCloth (248)
MetalMetal (2)
World ShoutWorld Shout (5)
World Shout(x20)World Shout(x20) (2)
Floating essenceFloating essence (15)
Earthbound essenceEarthbound essence (4)
Bent iron keyBent iron key (1)
MoonbladeMoonblade (1)
Daily coinDaily coin (174)
Hamgyong fishing clubHamgyong fishing club (1)
Ore [poor]Ore [poor] (28)
Jolt tridentJolt trident (1)
Light fox furLight fox fur (1)
PebblePebble (1)
Pink mugunghwaPink mugunghwa (2)
Dark amberDark amber (122)
AmberAmber (84)
White amberWhite amber (30)
Floating ring of SubstratumFloating ring of Substratum (1)
Wicked staffWicked staff (1)
Old Lurid eyeOld Lurid eye (1)
Old Occult sphereOld Occult sphere (1)
Purified waterPurified water (1)
Yellow amberYellow amber (27)
StiltsStilts (1)
LockpickLockpick (1)
White featherWhite feather (1)
Dog hairDog hair (1)
Flare spinnerFlare spinner (1)
Sacred pendantSacred pendant (1)
Holiday earmuff capHoliday earmuff cap (3)
Devious eyed skullDevious eyed skull (2)
Star eyed skullStar eyed skull (2)
WarmersWarmers (1)
Hood warmerHood warmer (1)
Dark Cloud mountDark Cloud mount (2)
Grey parkaGrey parka (1)
Heavy pearl scarfHeavy pearl scarf (1)
Heavy hunter scarfHeavy hunter scarf (1)
Stone Bobcat mountStone Bobcat mount (1)
Gold Bobcat mountGold Bobcat mount (1)
Blue Bobcat mountBlue Bobcat mount (1)
Black Bobcat mountBlack Bobcat mount (1)
Gold acornGold acorn (1)
Cadmium mantiyaCadmium mantiya (1)
Santa hatSanta hat (1)
Key to thunderKey to thunder (5)
Key to mountainKey to mountain (3)
Military forkMilitary fork (1)
Pearl charmPearl charm (3)
Magical dustMagical dust (2)
Scribe's penScribe's pen (2)
Key to waterKey to water (2)

Born in Yuri 72, FallBorn in Yuri 72, Fall
Assisted Geomancers in Purging the TaintAssisted Geomancers in Purging the Taint
Dog linguist (Yuri 73, Spring)Dog linguist (Yuri 73, Spring)
Specialized in WeavingSpecialized in Weaving
Entered the Shendao (Yuri 73, Spring)Entered the Shendao (Yuri 73, Spring)
Family to the Nangen Mages (Yuri 73, Fall)Family to the Nangen Mages (Yuri 73, Fall)
Lesser alliance with the Rat (Yuri 74, Spring)Lesser alliance with the Rat (Yuri 74, Spring)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 74, Spring)Mastered the stars (Yuri 74, Spring)
Understood the moon (Yuri 74, Spring)Understood the moon (Yuri 74, Spring)
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 74, Spring)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 74, Spring)
Lesser alliance with the Ox (Yuri 74, Spring)Lesser alliance with the Ox (Yuri 74, Spring)
Survived the sun (Yuri 74, Spring)Survived the sun (Yuri 74, Spring)
Attained First Mark (Yuri 74, Summer)Attained First Mark (Yuri 74, Summer)
7 Year Anniversary7 Year Anniversary
Attained Second Mark (Yuri 100, Spring)Attained Second Mark (Yuri 100, Spring)
Kwi-Sin Mage since Yuri 100, SpringKwi-Sin Mage since Yuri 100, Spring
Learned the ancient Sonhi art of the Throwing axeLearned the ancient Sonhi art of the Throwing axe
Lesser alliance with the Snake (Yuri 108, Spring)Lesser alliance with the Snake (Yuri 108, Spring)
Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 121, Winter)Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 121, Winter)
Saved 1 lives in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)Saved 1 lives in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)
Restored balance in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)Restored balance in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)
Greater alliance with the Tiger (Yuri 131, Summer)Greater alliance with the Tiger (Yuri 131, Summer)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri -1, Spring)Attained totem mastery (Yuri -1, Spring)
Greater alliance with the Dragon (Yuri -1, Spring)Greater alliance with the Dragon (Yuri -1, Spring)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri -1, Summer)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri -1, Summer)
Discovered lost legend (Yuri -1, Summer)Discovered lost legend (Yuri -1, Summer)
Captured the wind (Yuri -1, Summer)Captured the wind (Yuri -1, Summer)
Freed Leviathan (Yuri -1, Summer)Freed Leviathan (Yuri -1, Summer)
Collected wood staff (Yuri -1, Summer)Collected wood staff (Yuri -1, Summer)
Participated in 26 Elixir WarsParticipated in 26 Elixir Wars
15 Elixir War victories15 Elixir War victories
Participated in 37 Fox huntsParticipated in 37 Fox hunts
15 Fox hunt victories15 Fox hunt victories
Attained Third Mark (Yuri 0, Spring)Attained Third Mark (Yuri 0, Spring)
15 Bloodlust victories15 Bloodlust victories
16 Year Anniversary16 Year Anniversary
Harnessed fire of passion (Yuri 27, Winter)Harnessed fire of passion (Yuri 27, Winter)
Forged the Staff of the ElementsForged the Staff of the Elements
Spoiled the insatiable Chu Layn (Yuri 27, Winter)Spoiled the insatiable Chu Layn (Yuri 27, Winter)
Cleansed Wony of Great Evil (Yuri 28, Summer)Cleansed Wony of Great Evil (Yuri 28, Summer)
Assisted the Scholars in regaining their power (Yuri 29, Summer)Assisted the Scholars in regaining their power (Yuri 29, Summer)
Sublime alliance with the Rabbit (Yuri 35, Fall)Sublime alliance with the Rabbit (Yuri 35, Fall)
Novice farmerNovice farmer
Master carpenterMaster carpenter
Helped with a new entrance to the Lost Mines (Yuri 48, Winter)Helped with a new entrance to the Lost Mines (Yuri 48, Winter)
Apprentice minerApprentice miner
Discovered the Frozen Fortress (Yuri 57, Spring)Discovered the Frozen Fortress (Yuri 57, Spring)
Fought against the Stygian Order (Yuri 57, Spring)Fought against the Stygian Order (Yuri 57, Spring)
Participated in 38 BloodlustsParticipated in 38 Bloodlusts
Participated in 44 CarnagesParticipated in 44 Carnages
23 Carnage victories23 Carnage victories
Defeated Malevolent Clan Rank 50Defeated Malevolent Clan Rank 50
Broke the seal of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 75, Summer)Broke the seal of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 75, Summer)
Vanquished Overlord B'Gnngh (Yuri 75, Summer)Vanquished Overlord B'Gnngh (Yuri 75, Summer)
Crushed the Council of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 75, Summer)Crushed the Council of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 75, Summer)
Attained Fourth Mark (Yuri 75, Summer)Attained Fourth Mark (Yuri 75, Summer)
Defeated the Mighty Nngh'Zan (Yuri 75, Summer)Defeated the Mighty Nngh'Zan (Yuri 75, Summer)
Shredder destroyed 1 items of this heroShredder destroyed 1 items of this hero
Stood against Red Flare the Immortal (Yuri 77, Spring)Stood against Red Flare the Immortal (Yuri 77, Spring)
Talented weaverTalented weaver
Completed 551 minor questsCompleted 551 minor quests
Apprentice fishermanApprentice fisherman
Talented woodcutterTalented woodcutter
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