Cunning Quecera

Cunning Quecera
Character name:Cunning Quecera
Character title:Pied Piper
Character Nation:Buya
Clan title:Spirit
Clan name:Heavens

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :165893
Mana :146461
Might :130
Grace :130
Will :130
Equipment list
Weapon :Superior etched bladeSuperior etched blade
Armor :Moon blouseMoon blouse
Shield :Basic bucklerBasic buckler
Helm :White casqueWhite casque
Left hand :Worn Luck amuletWorn Luck amulet
Right hand :Worn Luck amuletWorn Luck amulet

Inventory list
Current gold : 383566
Stealth Winter Fox mountStealth Winter Fox mount
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (77)
Empty wool bagEmpty wool bag (1)
Long cap hairLong cap hair
Side ponytailSide ponytail
Messy ponytailMessy ponytail
Purple atiqikPurple atiqik
Black glassesBlack glasses
Heavy polearmHeavy polearm
Il san nimble bladeIl san nimble blade

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 12200000
Gold acornGold acorn (45)
Key to fireKey to fire (1)
White amberWhite amber (657)
Dark daggerDark dagger (1)
Frost sabre - BONDEDFrost sabre - BONDED (1)
DaSutZe gown - BONDEDDaSutZe gown - BONDED (1)
Spirit callerSpirit caller (1)
Earthbound essenceEarthbound essence (5)
Friendly ghostFriendly ghost (1)
Crimson DiamondCrimson Diamond (2)
Il san blood - BONDEDIl san blood - BONDED (1)
Dark circletDark circlet (2)
Pheasant feather hatPheasant feather hat (1)
Yellow stardropYellow stardrop (3)
Rusty shortswordRusty shortsword (4)
Grey Hare female earsGrey Hare female ears (1)
Green bikini shortsGreen bikini shorts (1)
Cherry danguiCherry dangui (1)
Red rudolph female coatRed rudolph female coat (1)
Seraph pendantSeraph pendant (4)
Experience gemExperience gem (4)
Pink wingsPink wings (1)
Dark amberDark amber (785)
Wonderland mantleWonderland mantle (1)
Night DiamondNight Diamond (2)
Recall stoneRecall stone (2)
Golden BaloomGolden Baloom (1)
Black ruffled dressBlack ruffled dress (1)
Fuschia ruffled gownFuschia ruffled gown (1)
Easter cookieEaster cookie (2)
Pink heart swarmPink heart swarm (1)
Bakers cakeBakers cake (1)
Yellow circletYellow circlet (1)
Red winter jacketRed winter jacket (1)
Green faerie wingsGreen faerie wings (1)
Bunny gold bow tailBunny gold bow tail (1)
Cherry chopsticksCherry chopsticks (1)
Pink puffy-sleeve dressPink puffy-sleeve dress (1)
Bridesmaid dressBridesmaid dress (1)
Red stuffed bunnyRed stuffed bunny (1)
Stocking warmersStocking warmers (1)
Wicked staffWicked staff (28)
Winter potionWinter potion (31)
SteelthornSteelthorn (94)
Decorated female beretDecorated female beret (1)
Red rudolph hoodRed rudolph hood (1)
Ilbon outfitIlbon outfit (1)
Red solid gutulsRed solid gutuls (2)
Sleep arrowsSleep arrows (1)
Yellow amberYellow amber (245)
White gikyeo hanbokWhite gikyeo hanbok (1)
Red thick gutulsRed thick gutuls (1)
Nagnang compassNagnang compass (2)
Salt blockSalt block (2)
FlourFlour (3)
Old Lurid eyeOld Lurid eye (3)
Daily coinDaily coin (28)
Red shozoku maskRed shozoku mask (1)
Muddy potionMuddy potion (20)
Mountain's promiseMountain's promise (2)
Fists pumpkinFists pumpkin (3)
Swing dressSwing dress (1)
Swing long hairSwing long hair (1)
Summer potionSummer potion (15)
Cerise DiamondCerise Diamond (3)
Military polearmMilitary polearm (1)
Sen gloveSen glove (3)
White puffy skirtWhite puffy skirt (1)
DiamondDiamond (10)
Whisper braceletWhisper bracelet (5)
White moon axe - BONDEDWhite moon axe - BONDED (1)
Floating essenceFloating essence (6)
White crescent keun hairWhite crescent keun hair (1)
Pet CobraPet Cobra (1)
Light blue featherLight blue feather (25)
Onyx uchikakeOnyx uchikake (1)
Fox pintailFox pintail (1)
Tiger hoodTiger hood (1)
Side ponytailSide ponytail (1)
Equipment restorationEquipment restoration (2)
ChutZe gown - BONDEDChutZe gown - BONDED (1)
Fine metalFine metal (5)
Tiger meatTiger meat (20)
Turquoise bathing garmentTurquoise bathing garment (1)
White Maiden dressWhite Maiden dress (1)
Silver tree branchSilver tree branch (3)
Hierophant leapHierophant leap (2)
Fresh moldFresh mold (105)
World ShoutWorld Shout (15)
StiltsStilts (1)
LockpickLockpick (1)
Key to pondKey to pond (1)
Sheep's favorSheep's favor (1)
Grin DyeGrin Dye (3)
Tiger's favorTiger's favor (1)
Nascent maliceNascent malice (1)
Scroll of defenseScroll of defense (1)
Hamgyong gemHamgyong gem (1)
Passion wingsPassion wings (1)
Artful tengriArtful tengri (2)
Pigtail hood warmerPigtail hood warmer (1)
Prepatory dressPrepatory dress (1)
Mummy green bow wrapMummy green bow wrap (1)
Mummy green pigtail wrapMummy green pigtail wrap (1)
Luxury white braceletLuxury white bracelet (1)
StardropStardrop (443)
Magician cape dressMagician cape dress (1)
PumpkinPumpkin (1)
Mummy pigtail wrapMummy pigtail wrap (2)
Mummy bow wrapMummy bow wrap (2)
Haunting girls purpleHaunting girls purple (1)
Titanium bladeTitanium blade (4)
Red appleRed apple (2)
Green stardropGreen stardrop (22)
Dread pumpkinDread pumpkin (2)
Lei effectLei effect (1)
Tiger eyeTiger eye (28)
Orchid female pom beanieOrchid female pom beanie (1)
BloodBlood (4)
WoodberryWoodberry (70)
Care PackageCare Package (5)
Li's Key to SuccessLi's Key to Success (1)
Sunflower hair 1 packageSunflower hair 1 package (1)
Combat headpieceCombat headpiece (1)
Big axeBig axe (1)
Black beach slippersBlack beach slippers (1)
Kapur branchKapur branch (1)
Seasons fanSeasons fan (1)
Holiday care packageHoliday care package (2)
Green travel shortsGreen travel shorts (1)
Star mail dressStar mail dress (1)
Moss seraphim wingsMoss seraphim wings (1)
Worn Luck amuletWorn Luck amulet (1)
Dark casqueDark casque (2)
White female fur-collar coatWhite female fur-collar coat (1)
Flash dustFlash dust (42)
Silver gikyeo hairSilver gikyeo hair (1)
Red female pom beanieRed female pom beanie (1)
Staff of IceStaff of Ice (1)
Black bathing garmentBlack bathing garment (1)
MoonbladeMoonblade (4)
Cutlass SkullyCutlass Skully (1)
Wintery kanzashiWintery kanzashi (1)
Ghostly black hairGhostly black hair (1)
Wintery kimonoWintery kimono (1)
Lucky coinLucky coin (8)
Pet BatPet Bat (1)
Pet SkeletonPet Skeleton (1)
Noble Kagum HuanNoble Kagum Huan (1)
Cats clawCats claw (1)
WoolWool (201)
Well crafted amberWell crafted amber (19)
Crafted dk amberCrafted dk amber (415)
AmberAmber (647)
Powdered yw amberPowdered yw amber (1)
Hamgyong gem fragmentsHamgyong gem fragments (7)
Black shadesBlack shades (1)
Haunted Death's headHaunted Death's head (1)
Well cftd dk amberWell cftd dk amber (107)
Corrupted ringCorrupted ring (1)
Old Royal sealOld Royal seal (2)
Shade DiamondShade Diamond (1)
Flame amberFlame amber (1)
Plum witches dressPlum witches dress (1)
Slogs clubSlogs club (2)
Crafted amberCrafted amber (87)
Red stardropRed stardrop (9)
Royal ghost bowRoyal ghost bow (1)
Royal ghost dressRoyal ghost dress (1)
Old Luck amuletOld Luck amulet (1)
Red quiggy packRed quiggy pack (1)
Red Bobcat mountRed Bobcat mount (1)
Blue stardropBlue stardrop (68)
Antique holiday hatAntique holiday hat (1)
SetZe gown - BONDEDSetZe gown - BONDED (1)
Noble tagNoble tag (1)
Titanium lanceTitanium lance (24)
Star-staffStar-staff (80)
CharmCharm (1)
Black bunny earsBlack bunny ears (1)
Easter skirtEaster skirt (1)
Black wedding bow hairBlack wedding bow hair (1)
Black and white beach skirtBlack and white beach skirt (1)
Witch's staffWitch's staff (1)
Heavy polearmHeavy polearm (1)
Rudolph Sleigh mountRudolph Sleigh mount (1)
ElectraElectra (34)
Purple stardropPurple stardrop (32)
Ee san blood - BONDEDEe san blood - BONDED (1)

Born in Yuri 132, SpringBorn in Yuri 132, Spring
Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 132, Spring)Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 132, Spring)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 132, Summer)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 132, Summer)
Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 132, Summer)Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 132, Summer)
Dog linguist (Yuri 132, Summer)Dog linguist (Yuri 132, Summer)
Freed Leviathan (Yuri 132, Summer)Freed Leviathan (Yuri 132, Summer)
Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri 132, Summer)Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri 132, Summer)
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 132, Summer)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 132, Summer)
Museum Patron (Yuri 132, Summer)Museum Patron (Yuri 132, Summer)
Ohaeng Rogue since Yuri 132, SummerOhaeng Rogue since Yuri 132, Summer
Novice food preparerNovice food preparer
Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri -3, Summer)Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri -3, Summer)
Mastered the stars (Yuri -3, Winter)Mastered the stars (Yuri -3, Winter)
Found the end of the rainbow (Yuri 0, Fall)Found the end of the rainbow (Yuri 0, Fall)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri 0, Winter)Attained totem mastery (Yuri 0, Winter)
Earned favor from the Winds (Yuri 2, Winter)Earned favor from the Winds (Yuri 2, Winter)
15 Year Anniversary15 Year Anniversary
Assisted to seal off the mighty Sute's Cave(Yuri 3, Spring)Assisted to seal off the mighty Sute's Cave(Yuri 3, Spring)
Commissioned for services rendered 3 timesCommissioned for services rendered 3 times
Understood the moon (Yuri 3, Winter)Understood the moon (Yuri 3, Winter)
Owner of pet cobra Jake (Yuri 3, Winter)Owner of pet cobra Jake (Yuri 3, Winter)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Spring)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Spring)
Aided the Mining Clan (Yuri 4, Spring)Aided the Mining Clan (Yuri 4, Spring)
Novice fishermanNovice fisherman
Made cultural exchange with the Geovore Circle (Yuri 4, Fall)Made cultural exchange with the Geovore Circle (Yuri 4, Fall)
Attained First Mark (Yuri 4, Fall)Attained First Mark (Yuri 4, Fall)
Collected 1 bounties for the Spy GuildCollected 1 bounties for the Spy Guild
Sustained the Asmodi against the Iron Hands (Yuri 5, Spring)Sustained the Asmodi against the Iron Hands (Yuri 5, Spring)
Lesser alliance with the Sheep (Yuri 5, Spring)Lesser alliance with the Sheep (Yuri 5, Spring)
Won 2 clan events (Yuri 5, Summer)Won 2 clan events (Yuri 5, Summer)
Lesser alliance with the Tiger (Yuri 5, Summer)Lesser alliance with the Tiger (Yuri 5, Summer)
Adept carpenterAdept carpenter
Participated in 6 clan events (Yuri 6, Spring)Participated in 6 clan events (Yuri 6, Spring)
Discovered the secret of Buya Haunted House (Yuri 6, Spring)Discovered the secret of Buya Haunted House (Yuri 6, Spring)
11 Bloodlust victories11 Bloodlust victories
Defended Koguryo from the Sonhi attack (Yuri 6, Spring)Defended Koguryo from the Sonhi attack (Yuri 6, Spring)
Witnessed the Koguryo Royal wedding (Yuri 8, Spring)Witnessed the Koguryo Royal wedding (Yuri 8, Spring)
16 Year Anniversary16 Year Anniversary
Participated in 9 Elixir WarsParticipated in 9 Elixir Wars
6 Elixir War victories6 Elixir War victories
Participated in 16 BloodlustsParticipated in 16 Bloodlusts
Specialized in GemcuttingSpecialized in Gemcutting
Participated in 31 CarnagesParticipated in 31 Carnages
18 Carnage victories18 Carnage victories
Adept gemcutterAdept gemcutter
Proven genuine adoration for pandas (Yuri 37, Fall)Proven genuine adoration for pandas (Yuri 37, Fall)
Investigated the theft at Changmu Town Hall (Yuri 37, Fall)Investigated the theft at Changmu Town Hall (Yuri 37, Fall)
Comforted a scared child (Yuri 37, Fall)Comforted a scared child (Yuri 37, Fall)
Adept woodcutterAdept woodcutter
Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 38, Winter)Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 38, Winter)
Dreamed of joy and wonder (Yuri 38, Winter)Dreamed of joy and wonder (Yuri 38, Winter)
Won Snowball Frenzy 1 timesWon Snowball Frenzy 1 times
Participated Snow Flurry (Yuri 38, Winter)Participated Snow Flurry (Yuri 38, Winter)
Calmed ancient snowstorms (Yuri 39, Summer)Calmed ancient snowstorms (Yuri 39, Summer)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Fall)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Fall)
Smarter and luckier than Lucky (Yuri 40, Fall)Smarter and luckier than Lucky (Yuri 40, Fall)
Novice farmerNovice farmer
Drank the Famous Green Ale (Yuri 40, Fall)Drank the Famous Green Ale (Yuri 40, Fall)
Helped Tokki (Yuri 40, Winter)Helped Tokki (Yuri 40, Winter)
20 Year Anniversary20 Year Anniversary
Assisted Sally in pursuit of world peace 3 timesAssisted Sally in pursuit of world peace 3 times
Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 47, Spring)Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 47, Spring)
Won Snowball Frenzy 1 timesWon Snowball Frenzy 1 times
Completed 808 minor questsCompleted 808 minor quests
On a quest to slay the Giant mantisOn a quest to slay the Giant mantis
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