Sa San (M) Oyarsa

Sa San (M) Oyarsa
Character name:Sa San (M) Oyarsa
Character title:TEAM KOREA
Character Nation:Buya
Blood brother :Chopsticks
Clan title:Steward
Clan name:Dharma

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :1846824
Mana :1300075
Might :126
Grace :127
Will :150
Equipment list
Weapon :Sa Sulfurule scepterSa Sulfurule scepter
Armor :Sun clothesSun clothes
Helm :White casqueWhite casque
Left hand :Antique Magus scrollAntique Magus scroll
Right hand :Sa Overseer eyeSa Overseer eye

Inventory list
Current gold : 2119491
WoolWool (4)
Dragon fanDragon fan
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Filled crafted amber bagFilled crafted amber bag (1)
Filled crafted amber bagFilled crafted amber bag (1)
Golden LanternGolden Lantern
Malgal insigniaMalgal insignia (58)
Blood stoneBlood stone
Masters wardMasters ward
MetalMetal (2)
Empty crafted amber bagEmpty crafted amber bag (1)
Sa Overseer eyeSa Overseer eye
Small iron keySmall iron key (1)
Sa Iron handSa Iron hand
Qui-HyangQui-Hyang (1)
Equipment restorationEquipment restoration (13)
Bear's liverBear's liver (89)
Mountain goat pan fluteMountain goat pan flute
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Red potionRed potion (3)
Sa Iron handSa Iron hand
Fragile Orb of Sul SlashFragile Orb of Sul Slash
Fragile Orb of Mage InvokeFragile Orb of Mage Invoke
Daily coinDaily coin (12)
Tarnished wt amberTarnished wt amber (6)
Crafted amberCrafted amber (77)
Studious kyopok slacksStudious kyopok slacks
Well cftd wt amberWell cftd wt amber (1)
Golden SparkleGolden Sparkle
Angel Wings ScepterAngel Wings Scepter
Sute's keySute's key
YeolHanBeunZe robeYeolHanBeunZe robe
Blue 10th Kruna Anniversary BaloomBlue 10th Kruna Anniversary Baloom
AmberAmber (7)
Featherlight metalFeatherlight metal

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Star helmetStar helmet (1)
Winter potionWinter potion (24)
Ruby potionRuby potion (4)
Mages ward - BONDEDMages ward - BONDED (1)
Sonhi passSonhi pass (1)
ReShor's sealed noteReShor's sealed note (1)
Mysticism ward - BONDEDMysticism ward - BONDED (1)
Seraph pendantSeraph pendant (2)
Experience gemExperience gem (2)
Crafted dk amberCrafted dk amber (3)
Iron keyIron key (8)
Ginko woodGinko wood (83)
Angry essenceAngry essence (155)
Well cftd dk amberWell cftd dk amber (26)
Dark amberDark amber (1574)
WoolWool (6)
AmberAmber (2089)
ClothCloth (5)
Raspberry casual coatRaspberry casual coat (1)
Gold acornGold acorn (3)
Light fox furLight fox fur (4)
Flip flopsFlip flops (1)
Lucent DiamondLucent Diamond (2)
Ore [high]Ore [high] (24)
Old ClawOld Claw (1)
Black solid gutulsBlack solid gutuls (1)
Sun garb - BONDEDSun garb - BONDED (1)
Powdery snowman earmuffsPowdery snowman earmuffs (1)
Tyrian parkaTyrian parka (1)
Crafted wt amberCrafted wt amber (29)
Angry heartAngry heart (1)
Key to fireKey to fire (9)
Sublime TokenSublime Token (4)
Fragile roseFragile rose (2)
Ju jak keyJu jak key (1)
AmbrosiaAmbrosia (4)
Scribe's penScribe's pen (5)
Haunted KeyHaunted Key (4)
Crimson DiamondCrimson Diamond (1)
Key to waterKey to water (2)
LockpickLockpick (2)
StiltsStilts (3)
Fiery combed locksFiery combed locks (1)
Forsaken Orb StaffForsaken Orb Staff (1)
Holy ringHoly ring (1)
White amberWhite amber (551)
Yellow amberYellow amber (468)
Full experience envelopeFull experience envelope (1)
SpikeSpike (1)
Sen gloveSen glove (2)
Wind garb - BONDEDWind garb - BONDED (1)
Faerie light - BONDEDFaerie light - BONDED (1)
Bones of fearless researcherBones of fearless researcher (2)
10 year Kruna mantle10 year Kruna mantle (1)
Empty crafted amber bagEmpty crafted amber bag (3)
MetalMetal (18)
Malgal insigniaMalgal insignia (128)
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