Baekho LittleTay

Baekho LittleTay
Character name:Baekho LittleTay
Character title:~BigHearted~
Character Nation:Nagnang
Clan title:Neophyte
Clan name:Alizarin

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :10200
Mana :12773
Might :115
Grace :93
Will :47
Equipment list
Weapon :Enchanted Featherlight armEnchanted Featherlight arm
Armor :Moon blouseMoon blouse
Helm :Dark circletDark circlet
Left hand :Fine sapphire braceletFine sapphire bracelet
Right hand :Fine sapphire braceletFine sapphire bracelet

Spell list
bSpirits form
dSpirits hand
fAfterlifes embrace
gSpirit warrior
iBaekho's cunning
kSpirit strike
lThe voids measure
mKwi-Sin cloak
nSpirits embrace
oSet trap
pRepeating dart
qDart trap
sSpiritual cure
tShare wisdom
uSpear trap
xKwi-Sin disguise
yKwi-Sin chameleon
zSpiritual advisor
ASleep trap
BSpiritual guide
DEmbrace of the void
FSnare trap
GKwi-Sin mask
HDrink of souls
ISouls rage
JFlash trap
KDeath trap
LPoison dart
MSpirit caress
NDagger uniform
OFilling the soul
PSpot traps

Inventory list
Current gold : 89630
Black casual hairBlack casual hair
Blue quiggy packBlue quiggy pack
White bunny earsWhite bunny ears
Berry kitten hairBerry kitten hair
Denim ranch skirtDenim ranch skirt
Harlequin noseHarlequin nose
Basic bucklerBasic buckler
Life BlossomLife Blossom
Brumal polar bearBrumal polar bear
Face paintFace paint
Spacious wool bagSpacious wool bag (1)
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (30)
Red woven bagRed woven bag
Black glassesBlack glasses
Daily coinDaily coin (3)
Yellow circletYellow circlet
ChutZe gownChutZe gown
Merchant pipeMerchant pipe
Merchant pipeMerchant pipe
Key to fireKey to fire

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Bear furBear fur (4)
Winter blouseWinter blouse (1)
Leather blouseLeather blouse (1)
Star eyed skullStar eyed skull (1)
Treatise on bad poetryTreatise on bad poetry (1)
Sea potionSea potion (8)
Ruby potionRuby potion (19)
Snow skirtSnow skirt (1)
Evil fire skullEvil fire skull (1)
ToadstoolToadstool (10)
NightshadeNightshade (9)
StarshineStarshine (10)
Phoenix shardPhoenix shard (1)
Blood potionBlood potion (11)
Azure mugunghwaAzure mugunghwa (1)
Copper banditoCopper bandito (1)
Evil fire wingsEvil fire wings (1)
White moon axe - BONDEDWhite moon axe - BONDED (1)
Searing print banditoSearing print bandito (1)
Splendid tiger peltSplendid tiger pelt (4)
White MukutaWhite Mukuta (1)
CoconutCoconut (6)
ClothCloth (15)
Fine clothFine cloth (2)
Pale ethereal gownPale ethereal gown (1)
Passion wingsPassion wings (1)
Hamgyong jelly tentacleHamgyong jelly tentacle (1)
Red dog maskRed dog mask (1)
Teal cat maskTeal cat mask (1)
Kunzite drop filletKunzite drop fillet (1)
Pink heart necklacePink heart necklace (1)
White bandageWhite bandage (1)
Winter potionWinter potion (2)
Autumn potionAutumn potion (2)
Pink ruffled hairPink ruffled hair (1)
Learned kyopok skirtLearned kyopok skirt (1)
Educated kyopok skirtEducated kyopok skirt (1)
Nuage angel wingsNuage angel wings (1)
Violet Maiden dressViolet Maiden dress (1)
Devious eyed skullDevious eyed skull (1)
Shamrock star baloomShamrock star baloom (1)
Afterglow ninetailsAfterglow ninetails (1)
Sunset turtle shellSunset turtle shell (1)
Black tea ruffleBlack tea ruffle (1)
Ghostly black hairGhostly black hair (1)
Pink wingsPink wings (1)
BloodBlood (15)
Blue kitten hairBlue kitten hair (1)
Divine angel dressDivine angel dress (1)
Gaspeite drop filletGaspeite drop fillet (1)
Dark haktcha tailsDark haktcha tails (1)
Black sunflower hairBlack sunflower hair (1)
Winter wandWinter wand (1)
WoolWool (300)
Brilliant jupeBrilliant jupe (1)
Cerulean tea skirtCerulean tea skirt (1)
Lavender recess outfitLavender recess outfit (1)
Pink heart wandPink heart wand (1)
White toggle hoodyWhite toggle hoody (1)
Pink stuffed bunnyPink stuffed bunny (1)
Midnight pinned skirtMidnight pinned skirt (1)
Chestnut zigzag ponyChestnut zigzag pony (1)
Teal long skirtTeal long skirt (1)
Blue Maiden dressBlue Maiden dress (1)
Gold star baloomGold star baloom (1)
Her SpectaclesHer Spectacles (1)
Morning gomooshinMorning gomooshin (1)
White toggle capeWhite toggle cape (1)
Moonlit evening gownMoonlit evening gown (1)
Pet Bear CubPet Bear Cub (1)
Black wavy tailBlack wavy tail (1)
Her knit capHer knit cap (1)

Born in Yuri 130, SpringBorn in Yuri 130, Spring
Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 130, Spring)Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 130, Spring)
Participated in 1 tutor eventsParticipated in 1 tutor events
Participated in 1 BloodlustsParticipated in 1 Bloodlusts
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 130, Summer)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 130, Summer)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 130, Summer)Mastered the stars (Yuri 130, Summer)
Freed Leviathan (Yuri 130, Summer)Freed Leviathan (Yuri 130, Summer)
Novice smithNovice smith
Novice farmerNovice farmer
2 Elixir War victories2 Elixir War victories
Participated in 4 Elixir WarsParticipated in 4 Elixir Wars
14 Year Anniversary14 Year Anniversary
Apprentice woodcutterApprentice woodcutter
Saved 3 lives in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)Saved 3 lives in Time Cleft of (Yuri 131, Spring)
Owner of pet bear cub Tedders (Yuri 131, Spring)Owner of pet bear cub Tedders (Yuri 131, Spring)
Understood the moon (Yuri -1, Winter)Understood the moon (Yuri -1, Winter)
Kwi-Sin Rogue since Yuri -1, WinterKwi-Sin Rogue since Yuri -1, Winter
Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri -1, Winter)Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri -1, Winter)
Dog linguist (Yuri 0, Spring)Dog linguist (Yuri 0, Spring)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri 0, Spring)Attained totem mastery (Yuri 0, Spring)
3 Fox hunt victories3 Fox hunt victories
Found the end of the rainbow (Yuri 0, Fall)Found the end of the rainbow (Yuri 0, Fall)
Apprentice weaverApprentice weaver
Fastest time through maze 6 minutes 7 seconds Fastest time through maze 6 minutes 7 seconds
Participated in 11 Fox huntsParticipated in 11 Fox hunts
Promised to aid the AsmodiPromised to aid the Asmodi
Discovered the secret of Buya Haunted House (Yuri 5, Winter)Discovered the secret of Buya Haunted House (Yuri 5, Winter)
Completed 24 minor questsCompleted 24 minor quests
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