Marauder HundredEyes

Marauder HundredEyes
Character name:Marauder HundredEyes
Character title:Baba Booey
Character Nation:Nagnang
Clan title:Hunny Hundo
Clan name:Viper

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :704533
Mana :869640
Might :139
Grace :150
Will :73
Equipment list
Weapon :Sa Featherlight armSa Featherlight arm
Armor :Dreadscale MailDreadscale Mail
Helm :Skull of the BeastSkull of the Beast
Left hand :Sa Iron handSa Iron hand
Right hand :Sa Iron handSa Iron hand

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 1000000
Fine snake meatFine snake meat (182)
Light fox furLight fox fur (55)
Lucky coinLucky coin (7)
Red fox furRed fox fur (18)
Key to fireKey to fire (5)
White amberWhite amber (270)
Key to heavenKey to heaven (12)
Key to pondKey to pond (11)
Yellow scrollYellow scroll (84)
Devious tengriDevious tengri (3)
ClothCloth (20)
Purified waterPurified water (2)
Tao stoneTao stone (12)
Medium amber ringMedium amber ring (11)
Large ju jak ringLarge ju jak ring (1)
Shrewd tengriShrewd tengri (4)
White featherWhite feather (2)
Gold brickGold brick (2)
Horse's favorHorse's favor (1)
Green potionGreen potion (18)
White moon axe - BONDEDWhite moon axe - BONDED (1)
Ox's favorOx's favor (1)
Noble tagNoble tag (2)
Wrangler hatWrangler hat (2)
Hyun moo keyHyun moo key (2)
Night DiamondNight Diamond (1)
Large amber ringLarge amber ring (17)
Red thick gutulsRed thick gutuls (1)
Angry heartAngry heart (1)
AmbrosiaAmbrosia (14)
Scribe's bookScribe's book (1)
Dragon's liverDragon's liver (12)
Red shozoku maskRed shozoku mask (1)
Lucky silver coinLucky silver coin (7)
Kyunwoo locketKyunwoo locket (1)
Azure DiamondAzure Diamond (1)
LockpickLockpick (1)
Searing DiamondSearing Diamond (3)
Gold acornGold acorn (4)
Red Hare coatRed Hare coat (1)
Ore [very high]Ore [very high] (1)
Red sturdy gutulsRed sturdy gutuls (3)
Wicked woolWicked wool (1)
Old Luck amuletOld Luck amulet (2)
Plasmic substratumPlasmic substratum (1)
Tuna wizard eyeTuna wizard eye (1)
Magical gillsMagical gills (1)
Small amber ringSmall amber ring (47)
River tarotRiver tarot (1)
Bat stickBat stick (1)
Silver tree branchSilver tree branch (2)
MetalMetal (2)
Battle helmBattle helm (6)
Rare porkRare pork (49)
PeasPeas (2)
Herb pipeHerb pipe (3)
StiltsStilts (1)
Nagnang compassNagnang compass (8)
Lean beefLean beef (81)
Equipment restorationEquipment restoration (8)
Ember print banditoEmber print bandito (1)
BelladonnaBelladonna (60)
FoxgloveFoxglove (13)
Cracked egg suitCracked egg suit (12)
Cracked egg hatCracked egg hat (12)
Easter SnakeEaster Snake (3)
Blossom ruffled mantleBlossom ruffled mantle (1)
Great Easter hoodGreat Easter hood (2)
Great Easter robeGreat Easter robe (2)
Easter cookieEaster cookie (3)
Bunny capBunny cap (1)
Violet Fluffy wingsViolet Fluffy wings (1)
Snake meatSnake meat (134)
Spring bunny earsSpring bunny ears (1)
Frog raincoatFrog raincoat (2)
Leaf capLeaf cap (2)
Frog rainbootsFrog rainboots (2)
Easter robeEaster robe (3)
Pink flower hairclipPink flower hairclip (3)
Red flower hairclipRed flower hairclip (1)
Easter eggheadEaster egghead (2)
Chocolate bunny mountChocolate bunny mount (1)
Lavender Hare male earsLavender Hare male ears (1)
Gypsy red headdressGypsy red headdress (1)
Mythic sabreMythic sabre (1)
Floret PendantFloret Pendant (1)
Purple flower hairclipPurple flower hairclip (3)
Pink Bunny bow tailPink Bunny bow tail (1)
Bunny bow tailBunny bow tail (1)
Seraph pendantSeraph pendant (4)
Cool ruffled mantleCool ruffled mantle (1)
WoolWool (318)
Splendid tiger peltSplendid tiger pelt (10)
ElectraElectra (3)
Taupe date vestTaupe date vest (2)
Yellow sun hatYellow sun hat (1)
Bones of puzzled trekkerBones of puzzled trekker (2)
Recall stoneRecall stone (1)
Yellow amberYellow amber (512)
Rat meatRat meat (168)
AmberAmber (1769)
Dark amberDark amber (2393)
Ore [med]Ore [med] (1)
Ginko woodGinko wood (15)
Daily coinDaily coin (171)
Ancient Mystic herbAncient Mystic herb (1)
Ancient Daemon heartAncient Daemon heart (1)
Titanium lanceTitanium lance (1)
Sonhi passSonhi pass (1)
Angry essenceAngry essence (9)
Angel's tearAngel's tear (1)
Holiday plumate coatHoliday plumate coat (1)
Huge frogegg bunHuge frogegg bun (1)
Experience gemExperience gem (8)
Amber casqueAmber casque (1)
Cerise DiamondCerise Diamond (2)
Fine metalFine metal (55)
White Ninetails mountWhite Ninetails mount (1)
Green tako hatGreen tako hat (3)
Holiday green scarfHoliday green scarf (2)
Red tako hatRed tako hat (3)
Holiday red scarfHoliday red scarf (2)
BeefBeef (6)
Crafted amberCrafted amber (1)
White trinketWhite trinket (1)
Winter holiday coatWinter holiday coat (1)
Holiday elven gale cutHoliday elven gale cut (1)
Dragon daggerDragon dagger (1)
Winter holiday bootsWinter holiday boots (1)
Dusk Hare coatDusk Hare coat (1)
Faerie light - BONDEDFaerie light - BONDED (1)
Bones of relentless seekerBones of relentless seeker (2)
Ee san blood - BONDEDEe san blood - BONDED (2)
Yellow travel trousersYellow travel trousers (1)
Pale angled bangsPale angled bangs (1)
Lilac angled bangsLilac angled bangs (1)
Pale tailcoatPale tailcoat (2)
Cupids arrowCupids arrow (1)
Gold thick hairGold thick hair (1)
Pale thick hairPale thick hair (1)
Black thick hairBlack thick hair (1)
Black date vestBlack date vest (1)
Slogs ponderous clubSlogs ponderous club (1)
Valentine DyeValentine Dye (11)
Malgal insigniaMalgal insignia (54)
Black dot pajamasBlack dot pajamas (1)
EggEgg (8)

Born in Yuri 24, SummerBorn in Yuri 24, Summer
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 32, Winter)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 32, Winter)
Lesser alliance with the Horse (Yuri 33, Spring)Lesser alliance with the Horse (Yuri 33, Spring)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 33, Spring)Mastered the stars (Yuri 33, Spring)
Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri 33, Spring)Member of Dagger's guild (Yuri 33, Spring)
Dog linguist (Yuri 33, Spring)Dog linguist (Yuri 33, Spring)
Aided the Sea Nymph in Cleansing Kingdom Waters (Yuri 33, Summer)Aided the Sea Nymph in Cleansing Kingdom Waters (Yuri 33, Summer)
Specialized in GemcuttingSpecialized in Gemcutting
Recovered the Treasure 1 times, verified by SleepnTrapRecovered the Treasure 1 times, verified by SleepnTrap
Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 33, Fall)Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 33, Fall)
Lesser alliance with the Snake (Yuri 33, Fall)Lesser alliance with the Snake (Yuri 33, Fall)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri 33, Fall)Attained totem mastery (Yuri 33, Fall)
Understood the moon (Yuri 33, Fall)Understood the moon (Yuri 33, Fall)
Lesser alliance with the Tiger (Yuri 34, Summer)Lesser alliance with the Tiger (Yuri 34, Summer)
Survived the sun (Yuri 34, Summer)Survived the sun (Yuri 34, Summer)
19 Year Anniversary19 Year Anniversary
Attained First Mark (Yuri 34, Winter)Attained First Mark (Yuri 34, Winter)
Aided the Chongunate in 1 missions, recognized by Chongun FerroAided the Chongunate in 1 missions, recognized by Chongun Ferro
Kwi-Sin Rogue since Yuri 35, FallKwi-Sin Rogue since Yuri 35, Fall
Comforted a scared child (Yuri 37, Fall)Comforted a scared child (Yuri 37, Fall)
Investigated the theft at Changmu Town Hall (Yuri 37, Fall)Investigated the theft at Changmu Town Hall (Yuri 37, Fall)
Helped the shipwrecked crew of The Hanyang (Yuri 38, Spring)Helped the shipwrecked crew of The Hanyang (Yuri 38, Spring)
Witnessed a ritual of Divinity, by ZharWitnessed a ritual of Divinity, by Zhar
Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 38, Winter)Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 38, Winter)
Novice fishermanNovice fisherman
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Summer)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Summer)
Friend to the Mining Clan (Yuri 40, Summer)Friend to the Mining Clan (Yuri 40, Summer)
Master carpenterMaster carpenter
Attained Second Mark (Yuri 40, Fall)Attained Second Mark (Yuri 40, Fall)
Talented gemcutterTalented gemcutter
Apprentice woodcutterApprentice woodcutter
Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 42, Spring)Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 42, Spring)
20 Year Anniversary20 Year Anniversary
Greater alliance with the Dragon (Yuri 42, Winter)Greater alliance with the Dragon (Yuri 42, Winter)
Greater alliance with the Rabbit (Yuri 43, Spring)Greater alliance with the Rabbit (Yuri 43, Spring)
Greater alliance with the Ox (Yuri 43, Spring)Greater alliance with the Ox (Yuri 43, Spring)
5 Fox hunt victories5 Fox hunt victories
Attained Third Mark (Yuri 43, Spring)Attained Third Mark (Yuri 43, Spring)
Participated in 10 Fox huntsParticipated in 10 Fox hunts
Donated Herb pipe to aid the Kingdom of BulkkochDonated Herb pipe to aid the Kingdom of Bulkkoch
Rescued Taiisrhaa (Yuri 43, Spring)Rescued Taiisrhaa (Yuri 43, Spring)
Freed Tevae (Yuri 43, Spring)Freed Tevae (Yuri 43, Spring)
Learned Taal folk stories from old man TershtheLearned Taal folk stories from old man Tershthe
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 44, Summer)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 44, Summer)
Discovered lost legend (Yuri 44, Summer)Discovered lost legend (Yuri 44, Summer)
Captured the wind (Yuri 44, Summer)Captured the wind (Yuri 44, Summer)
Vanquished Overlord B'Gnngh (Yuri 44, Fall)Vanquished Overlord B'Gnngh (Yuri 44, Fall)
Broke the seal of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 44, Fall)Broke the seal of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 44, Fall)
Learned the ancient Sonhi art of the Throwing axeLearned the ancient Sonhi art of the Throwing axe
Discovered the Ruins of Jolbon (Yuri 45, Fall)Discovered the Ruins of Jolbon (Yuri 45, Fall)
Reunited Triptipitti with Tailoki (Yuri 45, Fall)Reunited Triptipitti with Tailoki (Yuri 45, Fall)
Sabotaged the Beacon of Souls (Yuri 45, Fall)Sabotaged the Beacon of Souls (Yuri 45, Fall)
Participated in 19 Elixir WarsParticipated in 19 Elixir Wars
10 Elixir War victories10 Elixir War victories
Participated Snow Flurry (Yuri 47, Spring)Participated Snow Flurry (Yuri 47, Spring)
Survived Snow Flurry 1 timesSurvived Snow Flurry 1 times
Won Snowball Frenzy 3 timesWon Snowball Frenzy 3 times
1 time(s) winner of Snow Fury1 time(s) winner of Snow Fury
Defeated Malevolent Clan Rank 50Defeated Malevolent Clan Rank 50
Crushed the Council of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 47, Spring)Crushed the Council of Nngh'Zan (Yuri 47, Spring)
Defeated the Mighty Nngh'Zan (Yuri 47, Spring)Defeated the Mighty Nngh'Zan (Yuri 47, Spring)
Attained Fourth Mark (Yuri 47, Spring)Attained Fourth Mark (Yuri 47, Spring)
14 Bloodlust victories14 Bloodlust victories
Participated in 29 BloodlustsParticipated in 29 Bloodlusts
Believes in eternal loveBelieves in eternal love
Researched a folk tale of love (Yuri 47, Winter)Researched a folk tale of love (Yuri 47, Winter)
128 Carnage victories128 Carnage victories
Participated in 275 CarnagesParticipated in 275 Carnages
Completed 595 minor questsCompleted 595 minor quests
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