Poet Hael

Poet Hael
Character name:Poet Hael
Character Nation:Nagnang

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :15523
Mana :26817
Might :100
Grace :36
Will :130
Equipment list
Weapon :Pounded kallalPounded kallal
Armor :Star mantleStar mantle
Shield :Soul charmSoul charm
Helm :Baekho casqueBaekho casque
Left hand :New Royal sealNew Royal seal
Right hand :New Royal sealNew Royal seal

Spell list
aSpirits power
bDeath's guard
cDamage will
dThicken skin
eProtect soul
fSpirit strike
gRestore will
hShare energy
iRemove magic
jBreath of power
tSpirit puppet
uCure illness
zReturn spirit
QAncestors touch
RAncestors embrace
YEmbrace of the void
ZGlimpse of the void

Inventory list
Current gold : 3230
Fan of PhloemFan of Phloem
Bear's liverBear's liver (78)
Lime chuba hatLime chuba hat
Lime chuba coatLime chuba coat
Rice wineRice wine
Yellow scrollYellow scroll (156)

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Pearl charmPearl charm (1)

Born in Yuri 2, SummerBorn in Yuri 2, Summer
Kwi-Sin Poet since Yuri 2, FallKwi-Sin Poet since Yuri 2, Fall
Became Nangen Acolyte (Yuri 3, Fall)Became Nangen Acolyte (Yuri 3, Fall)
Destroyed Nagnang Evil (Yuri 3, Fall)Destroyed Nagnang Evil (Yuri 3, Fall)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Spring)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Spring)
Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 5, Spring)Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 5, Spring)
Dog linguist (Yuri 5, Spring)Dog linguist (Yuri 5, Spring)
Novice carpenterNovice carpenter
Promised to aid the AsmodiPromised to aid the Asmodi
Completed 5 minor questsCompleted 5 minor quests
Fed Chu Layn a great feast (Yuri 14, Fall)Fed Chu Layn a great feast (Yuri 14, Fall)
1 Carnage victories1 Carnage victories
Participated in 5 CarnagesParticipated in 5 Carnages
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