Druid dingoholic

Druid dingoholic
Character name:Druid dingoholic
Character title:Flower Power
Character Nation:Koguryo
Spouse :Dippie
Clan name:Destiny

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :105869
Mana :80528
Might :50
Grace :130
Will :126
Equipment list
Weapon :Enchanted Ernlere staffEnchanted Ernlere staff
Armor :Sun robesSun robes
Helm :Royal gold circletRoyal gold circlet
Left hand :Corrupted ringCorrupted ring
Right hand :Corrupted ringCorrupted ring

Inventory list
Current gold : 348913
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (62)
Yellow scrollYellow scroll (79)
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (3)
AcornAcorn (150)
Bear's liverBear's liver (77)
Sunrise fanSunrise fan
New Magus scrollNew Magus scroll
Enchanted charmEnchanted charm
YeolNeBeunZe robeYeolNeBeunZe robe
Soul charmSoul charm
Spider swordSpider sword
Noble tagNoble tag
Ilbon knifeIlbon knife
Wicked staffWicked staff
New Spirit maskNew Spirit mask
Aiy-Ary charmAiy-Ary charm
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Ginko woodGinko wood (30)
Dusk blossomDusk blossom (20)
DaffodilDaffodil (52)
Heaven's bellHeaven's bell (40)
Pink mugunghwaPink mugunghwa (12)
Golden sunsetGolden sunset (40)
SunflowerSunflower (35)
RoseRose (22)
Seraph pendantSeraph pendant (1)

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
MetalMetal (1)
Silver oreSilver ore (1)
Nagnag bowNagnag bow (1)
Short bowShort bow (1)
Yuri's loveYuri's love (304)
LoveLove (2)
Fox charmFox charm (12)
Dark daggerDark dagger (3)
Iron statueIron statue (2)
Star gownStar gown (1)
Aqua wind toyAqua wind toy (1)
Traveling shoesTraveling shoes (1)
Ore [med]Ore [med] (22)
Poet whipPoet whip (4)
Frost sabre - BONDEDFrost sabre - BONDED (1)
Bekyun's setBekyun's set (1)
Iron keyIron key (5)
Ju jak keyJu jak key (2)
AcornAcorn (3104)
Bear's liverBear's liver (100)
PebblePebble (1)
Ilbon knifeIlbon knife (1)
Water Orb - BONDEDWater Orb - BONDED (1)
Horse meatHorse meat (60)
ClothCloth (35)
Star robes - BONDEDStar robes - BONDED (1)
Engagement ringEngagement ring (1)
Sea ringSea ring (1)
Weaving toolsWeaving tools (1)
Star helmStar helm (1)
Dusk blossomDusk blossom (22)
DaffodilDaffodil (20)
Golden sunsetGolden sunset (42)
AmberAmber (35)
Holy ringHoly ring (1)
White moon axeWhite moon axe (1)
Dark amberDark amber (50)
Short hunter bajiShort hunter baji (1)
Spring bowSpring bow (1)
Pearl charmPearl charm (6)
Light fox furLight fox fur (4)
NetZe robe - BONDEDNetZe robe - BONDED (1)
DaSutZe robe - BONDEDDaSutZe robe - BONDED (1)
Lucky coinLucky coin (4)
Pet PheasantPet Pheasant (1)
Pet DragonPet Dragon (1)
Devious tengriDevious tengri (3)
Aqua potionAqua potion (2)
Lucky silver coinLucky silver coin (3)
Sute's keySute's key (1)
Chung ryong keyChung ryong key (1)
Hyun moo keyHyun moo key (2)
Tarnished wt amberTarnished wt amber (8)
Crafted wt amberCrafted wt amber (3)
Well cftd wt amberWell cftd wt amber (1)
Scribe's penScribe's pen (2)
Dragon's liverDragon's liver (1)
Lean beefLean beef (38)
Pink mugunghwaPink mugunghwa (38)
CharmCharm (1)
Black 10th Kruna Anniversary BaloomBlack 10th Kruna Anniversary Baloom (1)
Fresh moldFresh mold (9)
Black thick gutulsBlack thick gutuls (1)
Yellow circletYellow circlet (1)
Burning gauntletBurning gauntlet (1)
BoneBone (14)
Worn Daemon heartWorn Daemon heart (1)
Ice fanIce fan (1)
10 year Kruna mantle10 year Kruna mantle (1)
Hazelnut costumeHazelnut costume (1)
Walnut costumeWalnut costume (1)
Red sturdy gutulsRed sturdy gutuls (1)
Key to thunderKey to thunder (1)
Scroll of invocationScroll of invocation (1)
White amberWhite amber (3)
Chima jeogoriChima jeogori (1)
Jeweled ring of SubstratumJeweled ring of Substratum (1)
World ShoutWorld Shout (5)
Scribe's bookScribe's book (1)
Magical dustMagical dust (1)
Gruff ringGruff ring (2)
Black Hare coatBlack Hare coat (1)
Muddy potionMuddy potion (1)
Noble tagNoble tag (1)
MoonbladeMoonblade (1)
Red solid gutulsRed solid gutuls (1)
Cerise DiamondCerise Diamond (1)
Ginko woodGinko wood (850)
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (30)

Born in Yuri 45, SpringBorn in Yuri 45, Spring
Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 45, Spring)Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 45, Spring)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 45, Spring)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 45, Spring)
Became Nangen Acolyte (Yuri 45, Spring)Became Nangen Acolyte (Yuri 45, Spring)
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 45, Fall)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 45, Fall)
Witnessed the rebuilding of the cities (Yuri 46, Fall)Witnessed the rebuilding of the cities (Yuri 46, Fall)
Fought off pirates (Yuri 48, Spring)Fought off pirates (Yuri 48, Spring)
Ohaeng Poet since Yuri 48, WinterOhaeng Poet since Yuri 48, Winter
1 Elixir War victories1 Elixir War victories
Entered the ancient rabbit cave (Yuri 48, Winter)Entered the ancient rabbit cave (Yuri 48, Winter)
Participated in 2 Elixir WarsParticipated in 2 Elixir Wars
Entered the mythic war grounds (Yuri 49, Winter)Entered the mythic war grounds (Yuri 49, Winter)
4 Year Anniversary4 Year Anniversary
Married to Dippie (Yuri 54, Summer)Married to Dippie (Yuri 54, Summer)
Destroyed Nagnang Evil (Yuri 54, Summer)Destroyed Nagnang Evil (Yuri 54, Summer)
Forged an orb of Water, Yuri 54, FallForged an orb of Water, Yuri 54, Fall
5 Year Anniversary5 Year Anniversary
6 Year Anniversary6 Year Anniversary
7 Year Anniversary7 Year Anniversary
Protector of Nature, marked by OkydOkyProtector of Nature, marked by OkydOky
8 Year Anniversary8 Year Anniversary
Mastered the stars (Yuri 84, Spring)Mastered the stars (Yuri 84, Spring)
Understood the moon (Yuri 84, Spring)Understood the moon (Yuri 84, Spring)
Dog linguist (Yuri 84, Spring)Dog linguist (Yuri 84, Spring)
Specialized in WeavingSpecialized in Weaving
Accomplished weaverAccomplished weaver
9 Year Anniversary9 Year Anniversary
Avenged treachery against the dogs (Yuri 91, Fall)Avenged treachery against the dogs (Yuri 91, Fall)
10 Year Anniversary10 Year Anniversary
Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 22, Winter)Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 22, Winter)
Owner of pet pheasant Bird (Yuri 25, Spring)Owner of pet pheasant Bird (Yuri 25, Spring)
Owner of pet dragon Dragson (Yuri 25, Summer)Owner of pet dragon Dragson (Yuri 25, Summer)
Helped complete Tokki's egg collection (Yuri 25, Summer)Helped complete Tokki's egg collection (Yuri 25, Summer)
Experienced the Ba Gua 1 times, assisted by Valkrin (Yuri 26, Summer)Experienced the Ba Gua 1 times, assisted by Valkrin (Yuri 26, Summer)
18 Year Anniversary18 Year Anniversary
Spoiled the insatiable Chu Layn (Yuri 27, Winter)Spoiled the insatiable Chu Layn (Yuri 27, Winter)
Participated in 1 Fox huntsParticipated in 1 Fox hunts
19 Year Anniversary19 Year Anniversary
Survived the sun (Yuri 35, Summer)Survived the sun (Yuri 35, Summer)
Participated in 9 BloodlustsParticipated in 9 Bloodlusts
Adept carpenterAdept carpenter
9 Bloodlust victories9 Bloodlust victories
Participated in 49 CarnagesParticipated in 49 Carnages
23 Carnage victories23 Carnage victories
Completed 136 minor questsCompleted 136 minor quests
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