Fury Cirius

Fury Cirius
Character name:Fury Cirius
Character title:CREAM team
Character Nation:Nagnang
Blood brother :wataf
Clan title:Desert Warrior
Clan name:Silla

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :240350
Mana :141772
Might :130
Grace :48
Will :48
Equipment list
Weapon :** Spear **** Spear **
Armor :** Plate **** Plate **
Helm :Skull of the BeastSkull of the Beast
Left hand :Worn ClawWorn Claw
Right hand :Worn ClawWorn Claw

Inventory list
Current gold : 339163
Blood stoneBlood stone
Midnight swordMidnight sword
SetZe robeSetZe robe
Slogs clubSlogs club
** Bulwark **** Bulwark **
Sear bladeSear blade
Heavy polearmHeavy polearm
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (35)
** Sabre **** Sabre **
White Rhino mountWhite Rhino mount
StardropStardrop (1)
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Bekyun's spearBekyun's spear
Daily coinDaily coin (2)
World ShoutWorld Shout (13)

Born in Yuri 46, WinterBorn in Yuri 46, Winter
Freed Leviathan (Yuri 47, Winter)Freed Leviathan (Yuri 47, Winter)
Ohaeng Warrior since Yuri 48, WinterOhaeng Warrior since Yuri 48, Winter
Museum Patron (Yuri 49, Spring)Museum Patron (Yuri 49, Spring)
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 49, Summer)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 49, Summer)
Entered the mythic war grounds (Yuri 49, Winter)Entered the mythic war grounds (Yuri 49, Winter)
Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 55, Summer)Slew the mighty Sute (Yuri 55, Summer)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 55, Summer)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 55, Summer)
Novice food preparerNovice food preparer
Completed Nangen Warrior Trial (Yuri 63, Winter)Completed Nangen Warrior Trial (Yuri 63, Winter)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 64, Spring)Mastered the stars (Yuri 64, Spring)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri 64, Spring)Attained totem mastery (Yuri 64, Spring)
Understood the moon (Yuri 64, Summer)Understood the moon (Yuri 64, Summer)
Specialized in GemcuttingSpecialized in Gemcutting
Novice weaverNovice weaver
Survived the sun (Yuri 79, Fall)Survived the sun (Yuri 79, Fall)
Novice jewelerNovice jeweler
Discovered lost legend (Yuri 81, Spring)Discovered lost legend (Yuri 81, Spring)
Captured the wind (Yuri 81, Spring)Captured the wind (Yuri 81, Spring)
1 Elixir War victories1 Elixir War victories
Last justice matter handled by (Vini)Last justice matter handled by (Vini)
Participated in 1 BloodlustsParticipated in 1 Bloodlusts
1 Bloodlust victories1 Bloodlust victories
Participated in 1 clan events (Yuri 101, Fall)Participated in 1 clan events (Yuri 101, Fall)
Helped solve the murder of Cheyn (Yuri 101, Fall)Helped solve the murder of Cheyn (Yuri 101, Fall)
Highest score in rabbit invasion 706Highest score in rabbit invasion 706
Highest score in Hopper 95Highest score in Hopper 95
10 Carnage victories10 Carnage victories
Attained First Mark (Yuri 101, Winter)Attained First Mark (Yuri 101, Winter)
Participated in 32 CarnagesParticipated in 32 Carnages
Participated in 4 Elixir WarsParticipated in 4 Elixir Wars
Fought for Nagnang in the Blood War (Yuri 105, Fall)Fought for Nagnang in the Blood War (Yuri 105, Fall)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 109, Spring)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 109, Spring)
Adept woodcutterAdept woodcutter
Lesser alliance with the Monkey (Yuri 0, Summer)Lesser alliance with the Monkey (Yuri 0, Summer)
wataf's blood brotherwataf's blood brother
Novice fishermanNovice fisherman
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Fall)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 40, Fall)
20 Year Anniversary20 Year Anniversary
Donated Titanium blade to aid the Kingdom of BulkkochDonated Titanium blade to aid the Kingdom of Bulkkoch
Discovered the Ruins of Jolbon (Yuri 45, Fall)Discovered the Ruins of Jolbon (Yuri 45, Fall)
Completed 53 minor questsCompleted 53 minor quests
Grand master gemcutterGrand master gemcutter
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