Fury Aleythia

Fury Aleythia
Character name:Fury Aleythia
Character title:
Character Nation:Buya
Clan title:Guardian
Clan name:LostKingdom

Vital statistics
Level :99
Vita :323837
Mana :103511
Might :137
Grace :129
Will :123
Equipment list
Weapon :Il Flame spearIl Flame spear
Armor :Moon mail dressMoon mail dress
Helm :Yellow casqueYellow casque
Left hand :Worn Daemon heartWorn Daemon heart
Right hand :Worn Daemon heartWorn Daemon heart

Spell list
cTribal gathering
dFlank attack
eBack attack
fChung ryong's rage
gOintment of light
iCreatures guidance
jViper's venom
lTigers claw
mNatures own
nTigers pounce
oTouch of the bear
pDragons claw
rForrest blessing
sHelping hand

Inventory list
Current gold : 5076041
Kindred talismanKindred talisman (99)
Titanium bladeTitanium blade
Chung ryong helmetChung ryong helmet
Spring dressSpring dress
Superior etched spearSuperior etched spear
Il san chung ryong scaleIl san chung ryong scale
Grand amber ringGrand amber ring
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Daily coinDaily coin (7)
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Wood scrapsWood scraps (18)
AmberAmber (3)
White amberWhite amber (1)
Red ceratops mountRed ceratops mount
Herb pipeHerb pipe
Red potionRed potion (2)

Deposit list
Deposited gold : 0
Scroll of protectionScroll of protection (15)
Yellow scrollYellow scroll (9)
Earth tigressEarth tigress (1)
Red featherRed feather (1)
Aqua beach slippersAqua beach slippers (1)
Bouquet hairBouquet hair (1)
Phantasmal AuraPhantasmal Aura (1)
Blue Teary eyesBlue Teary eyes (1)
Sun white glassesSun white glasses (1)
Wand of fireWand of fire (1)
Hanfu dressHanfu dress (1)
Lavender wreathLavender wreath (1)
Cerulean tea ruffleCerulean tea ruffle (1)
Tarnished amberTarnished amber (5)
Angel Wings ScepterAngel Wings Scepter (1)
Bouquet dressBouquet dress (1)
Prison outfitPrison outfit (1)
Lucky silver coinLucky silver coin (1)
Ju jak keyJu jak key (1)
Rainbow Starheart bandRainbow Starheart band (1)
Banana strawberry popBanana strawberry pop (1)
Wedding gownWedding gown (1)
Fuschia beach slippersFuschia beach slippers (1)
Celestial Night SpireCelestial Night Spire (1)
Bunny's AmberBunny's Amber (1)
Horse meatHorse meat (23)
Flame TorchFlame Torch (1)
Fragile roseFragile rose (1)
SteelthornSteelthorn (1)
Shade DiamondShade Diamond (1)
Midnight panther collarMidnight panther collar (1)
Sea potionSea potion (11)
Hamgyong fishing clubHamgyong fishing club (1)
Diver capDiver cap (1)
Navy snazzy skirtNavy snazzy skirt (1)
Ruby potionRuby potion (12)
Anniversary Free Orb CouponAnniversary Free Orb Coupon (1)
Flower peasant dressFlower peasant dress (1)
Fine steel daggerFine steel dagger (1)
Wood scrapsWood scraps (25)
Il san spike - BONDEDIl san spike - BONDED (1)
LockpickLockpick (1)
Nagnang compassNagnang compass (3)
StiltsStilts (1)
Red potionRed potion (7)
CandlelightCandlelight (1)
Wolf swordWolf sword (1)
Fuschia bathing garmentFuschia bathing garment (1)
Tall shield - BONDEDTall shield - BONDED (1)
Molghi bowMolghi bow (1)
Grin DyeGrin Dye (1)
Titanium lanceTitanium lance (3)
Staff of IceStaff of Ice (1)
Wonderland mantleWonderland mantle (1)
Frosty badgeFrosty badge (1)
Purple heart swarmPurple heart swarm (1)
ElectraElectra (1)
Dapper kyopok skirtDapper kyopok skirt (1)
Palace pinned hairPalace pinned hair (1)
White amberWhite amber (1)
AmberAmber (50)
Dark amberDark amber (60)
Yellow amberYellow amber (21)
Ginko woodGinko wood (930)

Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 106, Spring)Aided Chu Rua (Yuri 106, Spring)
Born in Yuri 106, SpringBorn in Yuri 106, Spring
Freed Leviathan (Yuri 106, Summer)Freed Leviathan (Yuri 106, Summer)
11 Year Anniversary11 Year Anniversary
Sacrificed to empower mug (Yuri 113, Fall)Sacrificed to empower mug (Yuri 113, Fall)
Witnessed mug's sacrifice (Yuri 113, Fall)Witnessed mug's sacrifice (Yuri 113, Fall)
Ming-Ken Warrior since Yuri 114, SummerMing-Ken Warrior since Yuri 114, Summer
Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 114, Fall)Sailed to Gogoon Island (Yuri 114, Fall)
Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 114, Fall)Defeated the Ice beast (Yuri 114, Fall)
Completed Nangen Warrior Trial (Yuri 114, Winter)Completed Nangen Warrior Trial (Yuri 114, Winter)
12 Year Anniversary12 Year Anniversary
Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 115, Spring)Was blessed by the stars (Yuri 115, Spring)
Mastered the stars (Yuri 115, Spring)Mastered the stars (Yuri 115, Spring)
Dog linguist (Yuri 115, Fall)Dog linguist (Yuri 115, Fall)
Attained totem mastery (Yuri 115, Fall)Attained totem mastery (Yuri 115, Fall)
Understood the moon (Yuri 115, Winter)Understood the moon (Yuri 115, Winter)
Novice minerNovice miner
Helped the palace grinch restore the holiday spirit (Yuri 118, Winter)Helped the palace grinch restore the holiday spirit (Yuri 118, Winter)
13 Year Anniversary13 Year Anniversary
Participated in 1 clan events (Yuri 128, Summer)Participated in 1 clan events (Yuri 128, Summer)
15 Year Anniversary15 Year Anniversary
Fastest time through maze 7 minutes 4 seconds Fastest time through maze 7 minutes 4 seconds
Assisted to seal off the mighty Sute's Cave(Yuri 2, Winter)Assisted to seal off the mighty Sute's Cave(Yuri 2, Winter)
Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Spring)Braved Lost Mines (Yuri 4, Spring)
Solved an unsolvable riddle! (Yuri 9, Summer)Solved an unsolvable riddle! (Yuri 9, Summer)
16 Year Anniversary16 Year Anniversary
Helped Hana protect 2 smoke signals - (Yuri 13, Spring)Helped Hana protect 2 smoke signals - (Yuri 13, Spring)
Collected mysterious eggs to nourish hope (Yuri 57, Spring)Collected mysterious eggs to nourish hope (Yuri 57, Spring)
23 Year Anniversary23 Year Anniversary
Assisted Sally in pursuit of world peace 1 timesAssisted Sally in pursuit of world peace 1 times
Participated in 10 Elixir WarsParticipated in 10 Elixir Wars
5 Elixir War victories5 Elixir War victories
Attained First Mark (Yuri 68, Spring)Attained First Mark (Yuri 68, Spring)
1 Bloodlust victories1 Bloodlust victories
Participated in 3 BloodlustsParticipated in 3 Bloodlusts
Participated in 8 CarnagesParticipated in 8 Carnages
5 Carnage victories5 Carnage victories
Dreamed of joy and wonder (Yuri 78, Winter)Dreamed of joy and wonder (Yuri 78, Winter)
Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 78, Winter)Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Yuri 78, Winter)
Calmed ancient snowstorms (Yuri 78, Winter)Calmed ancient snowstorms (Yuri 78, Winter)
Accomplished carpenterAccomplished carpenter
Adept woodcutterAdept woodcutter
Completed 54 minor questsCompleted 54 minor quests
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